Florida Deputy's Brave Charade: Posing as Dead Man to Apprehend Murder Suspect

Florida Deputy’s Brave Charade: Posing as Dead Man to Apprehend Murder Suspect

The residence where Corie Gene Phillips of the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office was taken into custody during a sting operation (screenshot from WBRW on YouTube)

A 52-year-old murder suspect was captured by Florida law enforcement after a sheriff’s deputy came up with the creative notion to pretend to be a recently deceased guy who had communication with the accused.

Corie Gene Phillips, a suspected drug dealer, was apprehended last week and charged with one count of first-degree murder resulting from the illicit distribution of a controlled narcotic as a result of the novel strategy.

A probable cause document states that Phillips’s arrest is the result of an investigation that got underway early on July 28, 2023. Deputies from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call at approximately 9:15 a.m.

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regarding a deceased man at a residence in Castlebury, Florida’s 1300 block of Kenneth Avenue. Orlando, Florida is approximately fifteen minutes northeast of the home.

The caller claimed to be employed by the relocation business of the departed individual.

The caller mentioned that he and his colleagues would “regularly walk into his residence to get their work orders,” and he went on to say that the man “never locked his house.”

First responders reported discovering a deceased adult male on the floor near the dining room table when they arrived at the scene.

“A small mound of a white, grainy substance” was on a dish on the table, according to what the police wrote. Methamphetamine and fentanyl tests on the material came up positive.


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