Florida Robbery Suspect Shot 8 Times in Dramatic Police Pursuit!

Florida Robbery Suspect Shot 8 Times in Dramatic Police Pursuit!

The dramatic conclusion of a police pursuit that spanned two states and five counties came about when a shop worker opened fire and shot the culprit eight times. The pursuit started a little distance north of Orlando, Florida, and continued all the way up to southeast Georgia.

Quintavus Jordan allegedly carried out a robbery at a Shell gas station in Flagler County, Florida, in which he stole $90 in cash, and the investigators believe that this is where everything began. After that, Jordan made many demands to the shop staff before departing.

After Jordan had left, the officers arrived and put out a BOLO for the surrounding law enforcement agencies. On Interstate 95 in St. Johns County, Florida, the automobile belonging to Jordan was seen going in the other direction, northbound.

His vehicle was followed by the Florida Highway Patrol and other local law enforcement agencies through their respective counties up until he reached the state boundary between Florida and Georgia.

The Camden County Sheriff’s Office took up the pursuit, and the Kingsland Police Department used a stop stick in order to bring Jordan’s car to a complete stop.

After going to the Friendly Express, Jordan confronted the cashier and demanded the keys to his vehicle. After that, he stole their vehicle and attempted to leave, but he ended up crashing it into the front of the shop instead.

After getting out of the automobile, Jordan immediately began fighting with the store clerk. Following this, the clerk fired multiple shots at the suspect, Jordan, who was then taken into custody.

The sheriff of Flagler County, Florida, Rick Staly, issued a statement praising the Georgia shop employee who helped bring a stop to Jordan’s binge of criminal activity. Staly is quoted as saying, “If he survives his injuries, he should spend a long time in prison,” in reference to the suspect.

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