From the Bay to Your Plate Annapolis's Best Seafood Hotspots

From the Bay to Your Plate: Annapolis’s Best Seafood Hotspots

In addition to being a historically significant city, Annapolis, Maryland, is a seafood lover’s paradise, nestled by the sparkling waters of the Chesapeake Bay. We set out on a culinary adventure to discover the best restaurants serving up the sea’s bounty in this article.

We’ll explore the flavors that make Annapolis an essential trip for seafood enthusiasts, from the world-famous crab cakes at Boatyard Bar & Grill to the exquisite fine dining experience at Chart House Prime.

Accompany us as we explore the best locations in the city, where the daily catch is consistently fresh and the culinary artistry is as intricate as the ocean.

Carrol’s Creek Cafe

The Jacobs family has been providing delicious meals and beverages at Carrol’s Creek Cafe since 1983. Carrol’s Creek Cafe is a riverfront restaurant located near Annapolis City Marina. It provides everyone with delicious, distinctively flavored fresh seafood from the area.

Its stylish bar and lounge are the perfect places to enjoy its excellent selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. It also features elegant patio and indoor dining with a view of the waterfront. A must-try house specialty are their crispy, fried sea scallops wrapped in shredded phyllo.

The lump crab, prosciutto, and shrimp cream sauce complement the delicate scallop well. You have to try their Herb-Encrusted Smoked Rockfish Fillet for entrees. It’s flavorful and smokey.

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Mason’s Well-Known Lobster Rolls

In 2014, Dan Beck opened a lobster stand called Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls. This laid-back restaurant is going to be your favorite if you love lobster. There are usually plenty of rolls to select from, so there is something for everyone.

Did we also mention that the lobsters were from the Maine coast?

From the Bay to Your Plate Annapolis's Best Seafood Hotspots

Furthermore, the lobsters are cooked to perfection by its skilled chefs using sophisticated procedures. Taste their delicious Lobster Bisque to start your dinner. Then, after that, have their chilled Classic Lobster Roll. The toasted bread is topped with a buttery mixture of lobster flesh, mayo, and lemon butter.

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Boatyard Bar & Grill

Boatyard Bar & Grill was established in 2001 by Dick Franyo, a Bay Area environmentalist and fisherman. Locals and visitors alike congregate at Annapolis’s premier seafood restaurant.

The award-winning crab cakes and raw bar at this cozy restaurant have made it popular. Aside from the cuisine, patrons adore its merchandise-filled retail store and intriguing views of the waterfront.

How could one attend and not sample their World’s Best Crab Cake Dinner?

A jumbo lump crab cake prepared in the Baltimore style and grilled with homemade tartar sauce and vegetables. If you’d rather a hearty entire crab, choose their Soft-Shell Crab Sandwich.

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Chart House Prime

In 1961, US Navy Buzzy Bent and Hawaiian surfer Joey Cabell launched Chart House. Without a doubt, one of Annapolis’ greatest seafood restaurants is Chart House. When it opened more than 60 years ago, it offered excellent beach fares.

From the Bay to Your Plate Annapolis's Best Seafood Hotspots

Furthermore, it provides top-notch chops, steaks, and other land meals. Aside from its cuisine, its chic, open-air waterfront location draws both residents and visitors. Their Spiced Ahi, with its acidic, minty, and slightly spicy characteristics, is an absolute must-try.

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Sailor Oyster Bar

In 2016, Sailor Oyster Bar opened its doors on West Street. A must-see for everyone who like fresh seafood is Sailor Oyster Bar. For more than six years, people have been raving about this restaurant.

This is because it creates a delicious dish with seafood that is sustainably obtained. Furthermore, it provides premium liquors to enhance your seafood experience. Additionally, the welcoming locals and comfortable ambiance make your stay even more valuable.

Sample their Poke to experience one of their most well-known dishes. It features serrano peppers, cured egg yolk, charred scallion aioli, and yellowfin tuna. Additionally, you can choose their Salmon Toast with Romesco, chimichurri, watercress, and chives.

To Conclude

There is an abundance of seafood delights in Annapolis to tempt the taste buds of all. There is a restaurant that is ideal for every occasion, ranging from the sophisticated ambiance of Chart House Prime to the laid-back coziness of Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls.

Decide what kind of food you’d like to try, such as fresh ahi tuna or the famed crab cake, and sail to Annapolis to start your own culinary journey.

Annapolis’s inventive cuisine and commitment to using only the freshest, local ingredients will leave you wanting more.