Where to Settle Down: 5 Best Places for Families in Oklahomacisco Bridge Leads as the Most Photographed in the Country

Where to Settle Down: 5 Best Places for Families in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a great area for families to settle down because of its diverse culture, exciting history, and ability to combine city conveniences with rustic beauty.

Come along with us as we explore these family-friendly communities, which range from the vibrant suburb of Edmond to the tranquil village of Altus.

These places provide a wealth of options for both young and old, as well as a good standard of living.

Oklahoma’s varied scenery provides an ideal setting for creating a lifetime of memories, regardless of your preference for the peace and quiet of a small town or the attractions of a big city. Let us now explore the best places in the Sooner State where family dreams come true.


With 28,731 residents, Bixby is a bustling community with a $93,765 median income and an average home price of $306,678.

It is clear that Bixby gives family-friendly amenities top priority with a Family Friendly Amenities Score of 48. Bixby is a family-centric community, with about 40.7% of households having children.

Families and individuals find Bixby to be a desirable location due to a combination of good economic indicators, affordable housing, and a concentration on family-friendly amenities.


Jenks is a thriving community with 25,872 residents that is located close to Tulsa. At $101,767, the median income is an amazing representation of a thriving economy.

Where to Settle Down: 5 Best Places for Families in Oklahoma

Even with its wealth, Jenks’ average house price of $325,075 makes it an affordable option for families looking for upmarket living without going over budget.

With a family-friendly amenities score of 48 out of 100, the town takes great satisfaction in offering plenty of chances for leisure and recreation.

Since families make up about half of the households in Jenks, the community provides a loving atmosphere for rearing children, which increases the neighborhood’s appeal as a desirable place to live.

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The average home price in Altus, a city with 18,711 residents, is $86,441, while the typical income is $56,620. It provides a variety of family-friendly amenities, earning it a 52 Family Friendly Amenities Score.

The fact that children reside in 34.3% of Altus households suggests that there are a lot of families in the area. Altus is a desirable location for anyone looking for a cozy and family-friendly atmosphere because of these features together.

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The charming town of Choctaw, home to 12,154 people, with an average property price of $281,479 and a comfortable median income of $90,241.

Where to Settle Down 5 Best Places for Families in Oklahoma

It provides a friendly atmosphere for inhabitants of all ages, earning it a family-friendly facilities score of 42. Its proximity to Oklahoma City allows it to reap the benefits of both urban amenities and small-town charm.

The fact that 35.7% of Choctaw homes are made up of children indicates how appealing the area is to families looking for a caring and encouraging environment in which to raise their loved ones.

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With 94,503 residents, Edmond is a bustling city with a $96,389 median income and an average home price of $334,356. It provides a range of family-friendly amenities, earning it a Family Friendly Amenities Score of 53. Children make up about 32.8% of homes, which suggests that families are the center of society.

With its clean parks, educational facilities, and leisure pursuits, Edmond offers a warm environment that fosters family growth and success.

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To Conclude

Oklahoma has many distinct communities, each serving a distinct demographic. Oklahoma offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a booming metropolis with all the trappings like Edmond, a quaint town full of family-friendly attractions like Altus or Choctaw, or a lively suburban haven like Bixby or Jenks.

Now go explore these fantastic Sooner State areas to find the best place to settle down and raise a family!