Raise Your Family Right: Tennessee's 5 Ultimate Hometowns Revealed

Raise Your Family Right: Tennessee’s 5 Ultimate Hometowns Revealed

Tennessee offers a distinctive fusion of contemporary living and Southern hospitality. It is a state rich in natural beauty and rich history. In the piece, we take a tour of the Volunteer State to find towns that offer a supportive atmosphere for a family.

We feature areas that have great schools, low crime rates, and a cost of living that is as kind and inviting as the locals, from the tranquil suburbs of Nashville to the charming communities tucked away in the Appalachian foothills.

So gather your belongings and let’s visit the top locations in the center of Dixie to establish a permanent home.

NeighborhoodPopulationMedian IncomeAverage Home Price
Spring Hill51,319$104,880$494,066


With 83,630 residents, Franklin is a thriving municipality with a median income of $106,592, indicating a stable and successful economic climate. With an average home price of $851,106, Franklin is a desirable real estate market.

The city’s dedication to offering family-friendly recreational and educational activities is demonstrated by its Family Friendly Amenities Score of 61.

With children living in 35.3% of households, Franklin offers a warm and supportive atmosphere where families can prosper.


Located in a suburban area, Brentwood is home to 44,830 people and is a rapidly growing community. A successful and affluent community is reflected in the extremely high median income of $181,576, which stands.

The average home price in Brentwood is $1,231,379, which suggests that residents enjoy luxury living. This prosperity is reflected in the housing stock.

Raise Your Family Right: Tennessee's 5 Ultimate Hometowns Revealed

Brentwood has a good Family Friendly Amenities Score of 66, which shows that despite its wealthy position, it still has a family-friendly vibe.

With children making up a sizable part of households (42.4%), the neighborhood is evidently very supportive of family values and has a strong feeling of community.

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With 61,589 residents, Hendersonville has an average home price of $492,503 and a median income of $86,954. With a score of 34, it provides a range of family-friendly amenities, but its closeness to Nashville, the nearest big city, opens up even more options and entertainment.

Hendersonville presents itself as an attractive destination for families looking for a cozy and active community close to urban facilities, with about 33.6% of households having children.

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There are 51,170 people living in the thriving Tennessee town of Collierville. At $129,729, the median income is a strong indicator of a healthy economy.

Raise Your Family Right: Tennessee's 5 Ultimate Hometowns Revealed

With an average price of $496,528 for a home, the real estate industry is booming. Its family-friendly features, which scored 39 on the scale and offer a variety of recreational and communal opportunities, add to its attractiveness.

Notably, children reside in 40.6% of households, highlighting the area’s image as a family-friendly place. Essentially, Collierville is a great place for people who want a healthy lifestyle and stable employment since it combines a supportive environment with abundant options.

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Spring Hill

Spring Hill is a bustling town with 51,319 people living there. A comfortable standard of living is provided for its residents, with a typical income of $104,880. The region is desirable, as seen by the average property price of $494,066, which stands.

Its Family Friendly Amenities Score of 36 and the fact that 43.8% of families have children demonstrate that, despite its attraction, Spring Hill still retains a family-friendly environment.

Families would love living in this charming town since it provides a good balance of affordability, prosperity, and amenities.

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To Conclude

Families are drawn to Tennessee by its warm community and chances for a happy, meaningful life. Every town provides a different take on the perfect mix of modern life and Southern hospitality, from the laid-back charm of Collierville to the posh elegance of Franklin.

Tennessee offers a place where you can establish roots and raise your family in a nurturing and stimulating environment with its excellent schools, emphasis on families, and picturesque surroundings.

Thus, begin preparing for your journey to find your own little piece of heaven in the center of Tennessee by packing your bags.