West Virginia's Top 5 Family-Friendly Communities

Perfect Family Haven: West Virginia’s Top 5 Family-Friendly Communities

Some of the country’s most family-friendly villages may be found in West Virginia, a state that is frequently recognized for its stunning scenery and rich cultural legacy.

The Mountain State has a wide range of locations that meet the needs of families, whether you’re looking for a peaceful suburb with top-notch schools or a bustling metropolis with enough to do for people of all ages.

The top five communities in West Virginia are listed below; they are renowned for their kind hospitality as well as their dedication to creating a secure, supportive, and energetic atmosphere that fosters family growth.

CommunityPopulationMedian Income ($)Average Home Price ($)
Oak Hill8,15748,050127,514


With 18,402 residents, Fairmont is a thriving community. With a median salary of $55,084, folks can afford a nice lifestyle. With an average property price of $157,592, Fairmont is a reasonably priced area to call home.

A good 70 is awarded to family-friendly amenities, reflecting the presence of family-friendly establishments. With children in 25.2% of households, Fairmont provides a warm and inviting atmosphere where families can prosper and expand.


The small village of Buckhannon, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery, is home to 5,201 people. With a $152,327 average home price and a typical income of $43,621, it provides both affordable and comfortable living.

West Virginia's Top 5 Family-Friendly Communities

With a family-friendly amenities score of 58, it is clear that this community values the happiness and well-being of its citizens, particularly the 27.9% of households who have children.

Despite having a charming small-town feel, Buckhannon is ideally situated near Pittsburgh’s vibrant city, offering access to urban opportunities and conveniences without sacrificing the tranquility and friendliness needed for families to flourish.

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Oak Hill

Oak Hill is a little town with 8,157 residents that is tucked away in a gorgeous area. The level of living is comfortable, with a median income of $48,050.

With the average home price of $127,514, many people can afford to become homeowners. Oak Hill, which scored a respectable 45, takes pride in its family-friendly amenities despite its modest size.

Located near the thriving metropolis of Winston-Salem, Oak Hill offers seclusion combined with easy access to metropolitan amenities. With kids making up about 25.6% of households, the town provides a warm and inviting atmosphere that allows families to prosper.

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With 9,255 residents, Bridgeport is a quaint town with an average home price of $269,583 and a typical income of $96,063. Bridgeport receives a score of 37 for having a variety of family-friendly amenities, considering its relatively small size.

West Virginia's Top 5 Family-Friendly Communities

Families are welcome in Bridgeport, as seen by the fact that children live in about 25.9% of the homes there. For individuals looking for a cozy and family-friendly lifestyle, Bridgeport is a desirable location because of its attractions and enticing property market.

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With 30,220 residents, Morgantown has an average home price of $267,332 and a median income of $41,103. With a modest family-friendly amenities score of 58, it provides a respectable selection of family-friendly amenities and services.

Morgantown is home to about 15.0% of homes with children, indicating a diverse range of family dynamics in the neighborhood. Morgantown has a reasonable amount of amenities, affordability, and a moderate percentage of families with children, making it a possible destination for families looking for a comfortable living.

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To Conclude

West Virginia has a wide range of family-friendly municipalities to suit various needs. West Virginia has it all, whether you’re looking for a booming city with top-notch schools like Fairmont, a quaint little town with easy access to urban amenities like Buckhannon, or a quiet retreat with reasonably priced housing like Oak Hill.

Even smaller towns with a reasonable level of living, like Bridgeport and Morgantown, have friendly communities. For your future move, think about investigating West Virginia’s family-friendly towns—a hidden gem.

West Virginia might surprise you as the ideal area to raise a family with its breathtaking beauty, rich cultural past, and emphasis on community.