New Orleans' 5 Must-Try Beignet Spots

Savor the Sweetness: New Orleans’ 5 Must-Try Beignet Spots

Nothing compares to this delicious, fluffy treat, which can be found in anything from funnel cakes and donuts to churros, buñuelos, and zeppole.

In New Orleans, the most popular fried dough treat is the famous beignet. When these fried, pillowy squares are served in their purest form, they are heaped with powdered sugar, creating a cloud of sweet bliss with every bite (if you’re not covered in white powder, you’re doing it incorrectly).

These classic beignets, along with various inventive savory and sweet varieties, are among the best in New Orleans.

The Vintage

All day long, beignets (and more) are served at The Vintage located on Magazine Street. Enjoy the pillowy treats with a glass of wine or bubbly (try the cava or the indulgent Veuve Cliquot) in the evening or seriously superb coffee in the morning.

New Orleans' 5 Must-Try Beignet Spots

Beignets of the sophisticated and ever-varying kind are served here; on one visit, you might get matcha or king cake beignets, and on another, s’mores beignets. Stated differently, you will want to return time and time again to sample them all.

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Cafe du Monde

Every tourist should reserve a table at Cafe du Monde and get these airy, square doughnuts heaped with powdered sugar. (Locals are also admirers.) The flagship site in the French Quarter is open 24/7, making it convenient to fit into any schedule.

New Orleans' 5 Must-Try Beignet Spots

The City Park location is also a lovely place to visit, with plenty of gorgeous oak trees around it. Remember to sample the coffee au lait and to take a quick look out the rear kitchen window to witness the magic in action.

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New Orleans Coffee & Beignet Co.

New Orleans Coffee & Beignet Co. is a small bakery café that serves chocolate-flavored beignets in addition to the classic ones, and it is located along the charming St. Charles Avenue.

New Orleans' 5 Must-Try Beignet Spots

Pick your favorite and match it with one of the many available coffee options, or indulge in pure luxury and sip on a frozen creme caramel coffee (feigning its calorie-free status)—a sweet, slushy beverage that’s ideal for those steamy summer days in New Orleans.

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Loretta’s Authentic Pralines

After starting her praline business over 35 years ago with her opulent French Quarter confectionery, Loretta Harrison now operates a café on North Rampart in the Marigny where she serves beignets for breakfast and lunch.

New Orleans' 5 Must-Try Beignet Spots

Not only is she pleased to serve you the classic sweet beignets—three on a plate—but her praline-filled beignets are something you definitely must taste. Check out the crab beignets for a savory option.

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Morning Call

Morning Call is another iconic beignet business that originated in the French Quarter and has a lengthy history (more than 150 years!).

New Orleans' 5 Must-Try Beignet Spots

The stand, which is currently situated on Canal Boulevard in Mid City, is still charmingly quirky and serves strong chicory coffee and steaming beignets. Visit us on the weekends to hear live music.

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To Conclude

Every traveler to New Orleans has to try the beignets. There are savory and sweet variants of these fluffy, light fried dough snacks. There is a beignet out there for everyone, regardless of your preference for the traditional beignets sprinkled with powdered sugar or something more daring.


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