Exploring New York's Top 5 Progressive Cities

The Liberal Landscape: Exploring New York’s Top 5 Progressive Cities

Known for having a varied political environment, New York State is home to some of the country’s most liberal cities.

Having inclusive attitudes and policies that align with the liberal views of their citizens, these cities serve as shining examples of progressive values. The progressive movement is still very much alive and well in these five of New York’s most liberal cities.


Upstate New York’s Ithaca has a cost of living index of 105, which is marginally higher than the national average (100 being the usual baseline). Residents enjoy a lifestyle that is somewhat elevated due to expenses that are roughly 1.1 times greater than the national average.

In spite of this, Ithaca’s median home value remains at $282,000, offering potential homeowners a desirable real estate market.

Even though Ithaca’s typical salary is $40,973, it may be difficult for some residents to afford comfortable living, even though housing costs may be more reasonable than in more populous cities.

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Yonkers, a city renowned for its energetic atmosphere, has a cost of living index of 147, which is much more than the 100 average for the entire country. This index represents a cost of living that is around 1.5 times greater than the national average.

Exploring New York's Top 5 Progressive Cities

Yonkers has a $420,000 median home value despite this greater cost, demonstrating the worth and appeal of real estate in the city. Furthermore, Yonkers’s median income of $72,403 indicates a robust economic foundation and plenty of chances for its citizens to prosper.

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New Rochelle

With a cost of living index of 160, New Rochelle is 1.6 times more expensive than the national average, indicating a better standard of living in this energetic city.

Within its charming neighborhoods, New Rochelle provides inhabitants with a wide range of housing alternatives, with a median house value of $578,000.

Even with the high cost of living, New Rochelle has a typical income of $87,159, indicating that there are prospects for prosperity and financial stability in the region.

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White Plains

Compared to the national average of 100, White Plains’ cost of living index is a whopping 156. That means that compared to the national average, White Plains expenses are about 1.6 times greater.

Exploring New York's Top 5 Progressive Cities

A median property value of $559,100 is available in the city, indicating the desirability of its real estate market despite the higher cost of living.

A positive economic climate appears to be present for individuals who live in this thriving community, as seen by the comparatively high median income of $104,849 earned by residents.

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Mount Vernon

The cost of living index in Mount Vernon is 142, which is much more than the 100 average for the country. This suggests that, on average, costs in Mount Vernon are 1.4 times higher than those in the rest of the nation.

The neighborhood is desirable and has good investment potential, as seen by the typical property value of $380,500, despite the high cost of living. The median income of Mount Vernon’s citizens is $68,300, indicating a comparatively wealthy neighborhood.

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To Conclude

To sum up, New York provides a variety of liberal cities to fit a variety of budgets. Yonkers and Mount Vernon have greater median salaries, but Ithaca has a lower median home price.

Although they have greater costs of living, New Rochelle and White Plains offer alternatives for people looking for a truly rich lifestyle. Whichever option a resident chooses, these cities all promise a thriving community that upholds progressive principles.


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