Guilty Verdict in Tallahassee's 2022 McDonald's Shooting Trial

Guilty Verdict in Tallahassee’s 2022 McDonald’s Shooting Trial

A Tallahassee man was convicted of attempting manslaughter in relation to a June 2022 shooting that happened inside a McDonald’s.

Following a two-day trial, Dominick Mcbride was convicted last week of attempted manslaughter by act with a firearm and carrying a concealed firearm.

As per the State Attorney Jack Campbell’s Office, McBride and his companions reached McDonald’s, which is situated at the intersection of South Monroe Street and Orange Avenue, in the afternoon on June 11.

According to a statement from the state attorney’s office, after Mcbride and his buddies entered McDonald’s, one of them “approached the unsuspecting victim and punched him.”

The victim’s friends and Mcbride’s friends got into an argument, which, according to the State Attorney, resulted in gunshots between the two groups inside the McDonald’s.

After escaping through one of the side doors of the establishment, the victim managed to escape the altercation; however, Mcbride shot him six times as he fled down South Monroe Street.

Following the attack, Mcbride and another gunman, Oronde Dixon Jr., were taken into custody. Dixon Jr. faced charges for unlawfully carrying a concealed weapon.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Information Services, Mcbride will be sentenced on March 19.


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