Highly Decorated Coach Angie Strickland Faces Controversy at Leon High School

Highly Decorated Coach Angie Strickland Faces Controversy at Leon High School

Angie Strickland, a highly decorated volleyball coach and long-time head coach at Leon High School, has been removed from her position, as confirmed by the Tallahassee Democrat.

This decision was made by Superintendent Rocky Hanna in conjunction with Leon High Principal Michael Bryan following an investigation into a complaint from a parent, which has not been disclosed to the public.

Although Strickland will no longer serve as the Lions’ coach, she will continue working as a teacher in the school’s physical education department. As the situation unfolds, Strickland has the option to utilize the grievance process, and sources close to the investigation indicate that she is considering her choices.

The official announcement of Strickland’s removal is expected to be made by the Leon County School District soon, potentially even on Friday. She will have three days to provide additional information to the district before any potential disciplinary measures are presented to the School Board for final approval.

While the specific allegations have not been revealed by the district, Leon County School Board member Darryl Jones and district Athletic Director Scott Hanson acknowledged receiving complaints about the coach’s conduct during the previous school year, as reported to the Tallahassee Democrat.

Strickland has defended her coaching record through a prepared statement from her attorney. In it, she asserts that over her 18 years of coaching in Leon County, she has consistently treated student-athletes with respect and dignity.

She views her role not only as developing skilled athletes but also as cultivating upstanding community members. Strickland maintains that her coaching philosophy aligns with these values and principles.

The formal complaint against Strickland was received by Leon County Schools on July 26, prompting Principal Bryan to inform parents and players in a letter the following day that she had been placed on paid administrative leave. As per LCS rules, details regarding the complaint will not be made public for ten days.

Throughout her tenure as head coach, Strickland led the Leon indoor and beach volleyball programs to numerous victories, securing district, regional, and state titles in both 2011 and 2018. Additionally, she has been actively involved as a club volleyball coach in Tallahassee.

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