Holiday Heart Orlando Ministry's Initiatives for the Homeless Community

Holiday Heart: Orlando Ministry’s Initiatives for the Homeless Community

During the holidays, many individuals come together with friends and family for festive meals. However, for some, the harsh reality persists as they continue to face a year-round shortage of food, even during this time of the year.

According to Hunger Free America, food insecurity is on the rise nationwide, including in Florida. USDA data on food insecurity reveals that 11.4% of Floridians are experiencing hunger.

In Central Florida counties, the situation is even more alarming, with data from the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida indicating that one out of eight individuals, including one out of five children, report not having enough food to eat.

Joanne Ranucci notes that within minutes of initiating a food and clothing giveaway, people quickly gather once they witness the unfolding events.

“I didn’t even have to make an announcement — this community is flooded with homeless people right now,” Ranucci stated.

Ranucci and fellow volunteers from Angel Blessings Homeless Ministry are providing assistance and optimism to individuals who are experiencing a lack of food, and in many cases, homelessness, just days before Christmas.

“We’re a community, and they live in our backyard, and they need to know that the people in this community care about them,” she said. “And they need to know that even though they may be down on their luck now, that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be down on their luck for the rest of their lives.”

Assisted by Faith Assembly Church, Ranucci and fellow volunteers from her ministry distributed hot meals, food, and toiletries on Friday afternoon. These items aim to provide a bit of relief for individuals enduring cold and hungry nights on the streets over the next few days.

“They need to use the restroom, or they can’t wash their hands, or maybe for their body,” Ranucci said. “And the socks are definitely important, because one of the first things you have to take care of when you’re homeless — and I learned, you have to take care of your feet.”

Ranucci, who experienced homelessness for 15 years, attests that she understands firsthand the impact of a friendly face and some basic items.

“Since I came from here, I make this my family, and I like to celebrate it together,” she said. “We all pull together to make it right for them as much as we can for right now.”

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