Hygiene Alert: Moldy Food and Dirty Equipment Discovered in Kendall and Hialeah Bakeries

Hygiene Alert: Moldy Food and Dirty Equipment Discovered in Kendall and Hialeah Bakeries

Recent inspections of bakeries in Kendall and Hialeah by state inspectors revealed rotting food, outdated food, and dirty hands and equipment.

Unlike restaurants inspected by the state Department of Business and Professional Regulation, bakeries and grocers that fail a Florida Department of Agriculture inspection are not forced to close. Nonetheless, inspectors from the Ag Department are able to stop the sale of goods and the use of certain places and equipment.

Inspectors utilized both powers on Thursday.

Karla Bakery, 2408 SW 137th Ave., Kendall

On Wednesday, Wenndy Ayerdis and Catalina Ordonez’s team stopped by Karla Bakery in Kendall. They discovered a few issues.

  • There found a “white, mold-like growth on bread pudding inside a display cold unit” in the food service area. That’s sufficient to put the bread pudding on stop sale.
  • There was “black, mold-like grime encrusted all over the interior housing of the ice machine and within the ice making chute/dispenser” on the ice machine in the food service area. That is an order to stop using the ice maker.
  • According to the coffee maker, “A steam wand that was in use for more than four hours without being cleaned accumulated heavy, dried-on milk.”
  • Throughout the establishment, there are numerous live flies flying around and landing on preparation tables.
  • On April 27, ham and cheese sandwiches were available in a processing area cold unit. It was a Wednesday, May 8, inspection. Eleven days are involved. Seven days is the maximum. Put an end to the sandwich sale.
  • When cracking raw shell eggs and using clean tools, the workers in the processing area were “not washing hands after touching the face/body.”
  • They were also serving meals to consumers without replacing their single-use gloves after becoming infected from breaking eggs and scratching their heads.
  • Cleaned oranges used for fresh juice stored uncovered on a box and holding basket of the orange juice machine” in the dining area.
  • A processing area chill unit had raw shell eggs, milk, cheese bread, chopped ham, swiss cheese, chopped lettuce, and ham and cheese sandwiches that were all 11 to 15 degrees too warm to serve or store. Stop Sales was sprayed on them by the inspectors.

Stop Sale Orders: raw shell eggs (temperature abuse), milk, swiss cheese, chopped ham, ham and cheese sandwiches, and bread pudding (mold).

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Diny Bakery, 4202 W. 16th Ave., Hialeah

On May 3, Inspector Simeon Carrero paid Diny Bakery a visit. After documenting some of the faults listed below, he will return by Friday for a re-inspection.

  • Workers in the food service area neglected to wash their hands before donning single-use gloves, despite it being mandatory for them to do so.
  • There was no paper towel or soap at the handwashing station in the rear.
  • An employee merely used the first two compartments of the three-compartment sink, “skipping the sanitizing stop and hanging to air dry.”
  • Even when a deli slicer is not in use, it should still be clean and free of “old, dried debris.”
  • There was “old soil buildup” on the outside of various pieces of machinery near the food processing area.
  • There was soil buildup on the outside of several baking trays.”
  • Inspector Carrero “observed soil and dust on all A/C vents, wall, floors, and ceiling tiles throughout establishment” in the food service, processing, and backroom sections.
  • He noticed “several holes on the wall, missing and broken wall tiles and ceiling tiles” in the processing, storage, and backroom sections.