Justice Served: Tampa Woman Convicted for Brutal Husky Attack

Justice Served: Tampa Woman Convicted for Brutal Husky Attack

A 25-year-old woman who was seen on camera using a mallet to beat her boyfriend’s dog has been punished, the 13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney’s Office said on Friday.

Elizabeth Jaimes was accused with six charges of aggravated animal cruelty (torture or agony) and four counts of aggravated animal cruelty using a weapon. She received a five-year, ten-month sentence to serve at Florida State Prison.

According to the State Attorney’s Office, Jaimes moved into a Tampa home in August 2022 with her boyfriend, his mother, and their husky, Maya.

The mother’s veterinarian advised the family to install a covert camera when she saw Maya’s limping and inexplicable cuts on her head.

Two days later, Jaimes was shown on camera kicking and thrashing Maya 26 more times, striking her 38 times with a rubber mallet, and putting the dog on a leash.

“We’ll never understand how this defendant could ruthlessly beat any animal, let alone a gentle soul like Maya. I thank Maya’s owners for being her voice and testifying in court today to ensure this defendant will be held accountable for her horrific actions. A prison sentence sends a strong message that we do not tolerate animal cruelty in Hillsborough County,” State Attorney Suzy Lopez stated.

Maya suffered many fractures to her cheeks, spine, ribs, and eye sockets. According to animal control, she was fortunate to have survived her injuries.

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The State Attorney’s Office stated that Maya had blunt force trauma that left her blind in one eye as well.

Jaimes will serve three years of probation after being released from jail, be required to attend anger management classes, and be prohibited from owning any pets.

She will be included on the Hillsborough County Animal Abuser Registry, according to the State Attorney’s Office.