Jacksonville Twins Found Dead Inside Toy Box, Grieving Parents Speak Out

Jacksonville Twins Found Dead Inside Toy Box, Grieving Parents Speak Out

According to an online fundraiser set up by their aunt, the twin siblings who tragically lost their lives in a toy box in a Regency home a little over a week ago were both four years old.

Deanna Myers, the mother’s sister, set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the family after what she described as a “tragic accident” and “the most horrific and painful thing any parent or sibling could be forced to endure.” The children were named Aurora and Kellan Starr.

According to Myers, her sister Sadie and her husband Donn had lost two of their four children in a tragic and unfathomable accident.

According to the Page, “As much as these wonderful parents have tried to blame themselves, they can’t. They couldn’t have known that this would happen or done anything to stop it. Four year old twins do so many silly things and they always do them together. This accident was one of those absolutely inconceivable things you can’t imagine or plan for or believe was even possible,”

Deanna Myers told in the campaign that the parents “worked long, very demanding hours and their jobs are not easy but they never complained they did whatever they could to give those kids the best lives possible and planned on doing it forever.”

The children were reportedly found motionless in a “footlocker/toybox” while playing at home, and the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) confirmed their deaths.

JSO reported that the children were discovered around noon when an adult visited a residence on Cromwell Road to check on them. The children displayed no signs of trauma, and all individuals in the household were interviewed, according to JSO. As of Monday, no charges have been filed against anyone implicated in the incident.

The cause of death for the twins remains unclear, but the Sheriff’s Office has attributed it to a “medical emergency.” The GoFundMe campaign lacks specific details regarding the events leading to their demise, and investigators have not divulged any further information since August 26.

As of Monday evening, the online fundraiser had garnered nearly $7,000 in contributions from a total of 84 donors.

Deanna Myers mentioned that the funeral service for the twins has not been confirmed yet, but she intends to provide updates on the GoFundMe page.