Man Assaulted in Coconut Grove Finds Relief as Police Apprehend Attacker

Man Assaulted in Coconut Grove Finds Relief as Police Apprehend Attacker

COCONUT GROVE, FLA. – A man from Coconut Grove is making progress in his journey to recovery following a brutal attack last month. Although the assault caused significant harm, he is now feeling better after learning that the police have apprehended the individual responsible for the assault.

Miami Police arrested Marco Roura, also known as “Gordo,” on the streets in connection with the incident. The 45-year-old is facing charges of strong-arm robbery and felony battery.

In an interview with 7News on Wednesday, Breidenbach expressed relief that someone is being held accountable for the attack.

“Three detectives came by to inform me that they had apprehended [the suspect] and obtained a full confession,” he said. “I felt a sense of relief, almost like a weight lifted off me.”

The incident occurred as Greg Breidenbach was leaving a local hookah bar and walking home at the intersection of Florida Avenue and Douglas Road on an early morning in July. Surveillance footage captured the attacker kicking and punching Breidenbach. When the victim fell to the ground, Roura was seen continuing the assault by getting on top of him.

“It was an excessive level of violence. The entire left side of my face was severely damaged,” said Breidenbach.

Due to his injuries, Breidenbach underwent several surgeries, including reconstructive surgery on the left side of his face. He mentioned that he did not know the suspect.

While Breidenbach acknowledges gaps in his memory about the morning of the attack, law enforcement officers discovered surveillance footage recorded from a nearby intersection, which played a crucial role in solving the case.

“I’ve consistently stated that I have no recollection of any of it, and I still firmly stand by that. I don’t remember any of it,” said Breidenbach.

Initially, the victim believed that the attack might have been driven by his sexual orientation as a gay man. However, after an extensive investigation, law enforcement determined that it wasn’t a hate crime.

“When they informed me that it didn’t appear to be a hate crime, it provided me with much reassurance,” stated Breidenbach. “Knowing they have apprehended him and he’s in custody makes me feel better.”

According to the arrest report, a witness who knew Roura observed the attack and saw her friend assaulting Breidenbach. After the attack, the witness left the scene and later encountered Roura, who purportedly confessed to selling the victim’s watch for $30.

Furthermore, Roura is accused of stealing Breidenbach’s crucifix.

Despite the trauma he endured, Breidenbach shared his aspiration to move forward and leave the incident in the past. He is committed to his ongoing recovery journey, both physically and emotionally.

“I simply want to proceed with my life, conclude this chapter, and begin anew,” expressed Breidenbach.

In response to this incident, the community came together to organize a safety forum scheduled for next week at the Woman’s Club of Coconut Grove.

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