Man Wins Seven-Figure Lottery Prize in South Carolina, Shares Secret Only with Wife
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Man Wins Seven-Figure Lottery Prize in South Carolina, Shares Secret Only with Wife

According to a news release from the South Carolina Education Lottery, an Upstate man told his wife and no one else right away that he had won the grand prize in a scratch-off game.

Although the winner is keeping the details of his $2 million jackpot a secret, his plans for the riches could make him more noticeable.

The man declared in the press release, “I’m ready to retire.”

The winner promised not to allow becoming a millionaire alter who he was, except from that. The man gave no indication of how he intended to use the funds.

The winner will be permitted to maintain some anonymity, as South Carolina is one of 11 states that permit lottery winners to remain anonymous, along with Arizona, Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia.

According to the press release, he claimed he was driven to spend $20 at an Exxon in Lyman to purchase what turned out to be the winning ticket.

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The man claimed that while he was traveling down Spartanburg County’s Holly Springs Road, he stopped at the convenience store/gas station out of pure luck.

Regarding the feeling, he remarked, “It’s so weird.” The man called his wife right away after discovering the big prize of the game by scratching the ticket.

“I told her, ‘You won’t believe what happened,'” he stated.

According to the statement, she is the only person the winner told about the payout other lottery authorities.

According to the statement, the odds of winning the $2,000,000 top prize in the 200X The Cash game were 1-in-1,460,000. Since this was the second of the six top-prize winning tickets in the game to be claimed, $8,000,000 in grand prizes that have not yet been claimed are still available, according to organizers.

According to the announcement, the petrol station was paid a commission of $20,000 for selling the disputed ticket.


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