Miami Apartment Shooting Erupts Over Broken Necklace, Police Report
Image Source: WPLG

Miami Apartment Shooting Erupts Over Broken Necklace, Police Report

A man has been apprehended in connection with a shooting incident that took place last week outside a Miami apartment complex, as confirmed by authorities.

The incident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. on the preceding Friday, in the vicinity of Bay Parc Apartments, situated at 1756 N. Bayshore Drive.

According to the arrest report of the suspect, a 27-year-old named Louis Oliver Charles from North Miami Beach, he dialed 911 to report that he had fired his weapon in self-defense, resulting in the shooting.

Upon receiving the call, a Miami police officer met Charles at the apartment building’s lobby and subsequently escorted him to the second floor of the parking garage, where the incident had transpired.

Charles willingly accompanied the officer to the Miami police station to provide a statement to detectives.

While the officer was at the scene with Charles, another 911 call came in from a woman reporting that a man had been shot at the same location. She stated that she was in a car with the wounded individual en route to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Police indicated that the victim underwent immediate surgery and was in critical condition.

According to authorities, three witnesses were present outside the hospital and voluntarily agreed to go to the police station for questioning.

Two of these witnesses recounted that Charles and the victim engaged in an altercation within the apartment building’s pool area, centered around Charles allegedly breaking the victim’s necklace. Following the dispute, they decided to leave the pool area and proceeded to the parking garage where their rented vehicle was situated.

As per the arrest report, one of the witnesses mentioned that the victim was near the car’s trunk when she heard Charles shouting, followed by a loud gunshot.

Subsequently, she observed another witness assisting the injured victim to the front passenger side of the vehicle.

Another witness informed investigators that Charles had followed the group to the parking garage and “re-engaged the victim in a verbal altercation.” She claimed that things escalated when the victim attempted and failed to strike Charles.

Charles, she claimed, stumbled backward before shooting at the victim.

“The level of force used by the defendant is disproportionate to the level of force used by the victim,” according to the arrest report.

Charles is charged with one count of attempted murder.

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