Miami-Dade Horror Inmate Faces Murder Charges for Pen Attack on Cellmate

Miami-Dade Horror: Inmate Faces Murder Charges for Pen Attack on Cellmate

Marcus Terry has been in custody at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami-Dade County since Friday, facing allegations of fatally injuring a fellow inmate over two years ago.

Terry, aged 40, is charged with using a pen to fatally wound Ray Matos in the head, following a period of approximately six days of shared confinement, as reported by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

According to Sgt. Tadarius Bryant of the Florida Department of Corrections, Terry stated that, “We didn’t belong in the same cell together … I want to kill myself.”

Terry had been incarcerated with a life sentence in Broward County for armed burglary and armed robbery since 2012, as reported by the Florida Department of Corrections.

Matos, aged 63, had been serving a life sentence in Miami-Dade County for attempted murder and armed robbery since 2003, according to records from the Florida Department of Corrections.

An inmate reported hearing what sounded like a 10 to 15-minute altercation, while another inmate stated that they saw Terry unclothed with blood-stained hands, as mentioned in a warrant.

A correctional officer discovered Matos with a head injury on April 19, 2021, inside a cell at the Dade Correctional Institute, located at 1900 SW 377 St., just south of Florida City, according to official records.

A Miami-Dade judge ordered Terry to be transferred from Florida State Prison, situated at 23916 NW 83 Ave. in Raiford, a town located in northern Florida’s Union County. This transfer was due to Terry facing a second-degree murder charge.

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