Palm Beach County Schools Stay Open as Tropical Storm Idalia Approaches

Palm Beach County Schools Stay Open as Tropical Storm Idalia Approaches

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. — While schools in northwestern Florida are shutting down in preparation for the arrival of Tropical Storm Idalia, schools in South Florida will remain operational until further notice.

The Palm Beach County School District (PBCSD) has announced that all schools under their jurisdiction will continue to be open on Tuesday, as Tropical Storm Idalia approaches. This decision is based on the fact that Palm Beach County is not directly in the storm’s predicted path.

The school district has informed parents and students that they are currently not considering school closures. However, they are actively monitoring the trajectory of Tropical Storm Idalia and are taking all essential measures to guarantee the safety of students and staff members.

Moreover, PBCSD is advising residents to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during the upcoming severe weather. This includes reviewing emergency plans, updating contact details, and stocking up on essential supplies.

The school district is also promoting the Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday, which began over the past weekend and will continue until September 8.

Whenever Palm Beach County faces the potential impact of severe weather, the district collaborates with national, state, and county management officials, including the Palm Beach County Emergency Management Center.

They work together to assess the potential effects on school operations and determine whether school-based shelters need to be opened.

Tropical Storm Idalia is anticipated to reach the west coast of Florida on Wednesday as a powerful hurricane.

On the other hand, due to being in the direct path of impact, the University of Florida has declared the closure of its campus.

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