Miami-Dade Schools Introduce New Electric Buses for Greener Commutes

Miami-Dade Schools Introduce New Electric Buses for Greener Commutes

MIAMI – In just two days, a new school year will commence for students in Miami-Dade public schools.

For those students who rely on the bus for transportation, there’s exciting news – a fleet of brand new electric buses has been introduced by the school district. These cutting-edge buses are set to hit the roads starting Thursday.

Currently, there are 20 electric buses in the ‘clean energy’ category that have become part of the school bus fleet. The plan is to increase this number to 50 over time, expanding the use of these eco-friendly vehicles on the school bus routes.

In collaboration with FPL (Florida Power & Light), the district is making strides to set up fast-charging stations to support the new fleet of Blue Bird Vision electric buses.

With the district’s upcoming charging infrastructure, it is anticipated that these buses will require anywhere from two to six hours to achieve a full recharge.

It’s noteworthy that in the previous year, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection allocated over $57 million to 13 different counties for the purpose of acquiring electric school buses.

The utilization of electric buses plays a significant role in curbing detrimental emissions, particularly in densely populated urban areas.

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