Miami's Stunning New Destination for Gourmet Moroccan Delights in Wynwood

Miami’s Stunning New Destination for Gourmet Moroccan Delights in Wynwood

It seems like every new restaurant in Miami is serving Mediterranean cuisine these days, but Zuri, the latest addition in Wynwood, stands out by focusing specifically on Moroccan flavors.

Opened in December, Zuri is among the pioneers in bringing the tastes of Morocco to Miami. Founded by David Sarkissov, Joaquin Coll, Florian Mattone, and Kevin Coll, the restaurant offers family-style dishes crafted by Executive Chef Marlon Rambaron from Trinidad and Tobago, along with Moroccan Chef Keltoum Aitkadi.

The cuisine at Zuri is characterized by a blend of spices, aromatic herbs, and diverse cultural influences. The menu features items like zaalouk (Moroccan eggplant salad), mackerel escabeche with tomato, grilled branzino and red chermoula, chicken and almond pastilla, chicken and preserved lemon tagine (a North African stew), and lamb and prune tagine. For dessert, patrons can enjoy stuffed dates, plum cake, and tart tatin.

The drink menu includes specialty cocktails like the Pink Oasis, a nod to the traditional Moroccan Atay made with vodka, pomegranate, mint, and foam.

The Kahua Martina offers a Moroccan twist on an espresso martini, combining vodka, espresso, honey, almond, argan, and saline. Additionally, there’s a Moroccan tea program.

Sarkissov expressed the group’s excitement about bringing “authentic Moroccan hospitality” to the neighborhood.

“Growing up, my family and I used to gather in a Moroccan restaurant, and I remember this unique feeling of belonging,” he said. “I am very excited to bring a new home-away-from-home to the Miami community.”

The restaurant covers an area of 3,000 square feet and accommodates 150 diners through both indoor and outdoor seating.

The interior dining room is designed with a fusion of North African, Mediterranean, and Arabic styles, featuring reclaimed wood, linens, and tiles. Moroccan-style pillows are abundant, adding to the ambiance.

A chic bar made of marble flute and a semi-private dining room for 20 guests are also part of the space. The outdoor terrace has a garden-like atmosphere, adorned with vegetation, ceiling fans, and paper lanterns to enhance the overall ambiance.

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