After 14 Years of Warmth and Creativity, Tampa's Folk Art Cafe Is for Sale

After 14 Years of Warmth and Creativity, Tampa’s Folk Art Cafe Is for Sale

Certain Florida neighborhoods have recently undergone revitalization, such as the West Lakes community in Orlando and Eastside in Jacksonville.

In these areas, the presence of new local businesses can play a vital role in sparking interest and increasing foot traffic. Unfortunately, one cherished restaurant that actively contributed to the preservation of its community is currently on the market.

Ella’s Folk Art Cafe: For the past 14 years, this establishment has been a cornerstone of Seminole Heights. Specializing in soul food, art, and providing a venue for live music and performances, Ella’s Folk Art Cafe also gained recognition for its selection of rare bourbons, earning the label of “eclectic” from That’s So Tampa.

With a notable 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google reviews, patrons frequently praised the restaurant for its inviting atmosphere and distinctive menu offerings. A reviewer named Ulysses summed up the experience with the following:

The Panang Curry was amazing. I’m looking forward to trying more items on the menu! My companion had the waffles and chicken, and both were tasty! I like the laid-back atmosphere, including the eclectic furnishings, music, and furniture.

How Ella’s Preserved a Crucial Community Symbol: Ella’s stepped in to save the iconic steeple of the Seminole Heights Baptist Church when it was demolished in 2022, ensuring that the community could still appreciate this significant landmark.

Noted as a preservation effort by That’s So Tampa, Ella’s received praise from The Tampa Bay Times, which referred to the establishment as “beloved.”

The Decision to Sell: As reported by Creative Loafing, Melissa Deming, the owner of Ella’s, has chosen to put the establishment up for sale. Deming expressed her commitment to the community and emphasized the importance of finding the right buyer in an interview with the publication.

This neighborhood is full of some of Tampa’s most creative, independent-minded, passionate people… It’s about the people, a sense of community, and a creative passion that has made Seminole Heights strong. I don’t want to see any of that change or go away…and am looking for the right buyer that will want to carry a torch, so to speak.

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