Most Poorest Neighborhoods in Lafayette, Louisiana

Discover the 5 Most Poorest Neighborhoods in Lafayette, Louisiana

Lafayette, Louisiana is a city with both old-world allure and contemporary conveniences side by side. Yet, not every part of Lafayette shares the same standard of living.

Certain neighborhoods experience higher poverty rates than others. In this piece, we’ll delve into the five least affluent neighborhoods in Lafayette, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau to measure the percentage of residents living below the poverty line.


McComb-Veazey is an old, diverse neighborhood in Lafayette, bordered by Johnston Street, University Avenue, Cameron Street, and Evangeline Thruway. Despite its rich history and culture, it faces significant poverty, with over half of its residents living below the poverty line (51.4%). The typical household income is $23,722, and the average home is valued at $77,800.

However, there are ongoing efforts to rejuvenate the area. The McComb-Veazey Coterie, a local group, is dedicated to enhancing residents’ lives through community involvement, beautification, and preservation.

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Truman is a neighborhood that can be found in the north-eastern area of Lafayette. It is bordered by Moss Street, Interstate 10, Louisiana Avenue, and Alexander Street.It is a neighborhood that is predominately made up of African Americans and has a poverty rate of 50.8%.The average income for a household in Truman is $24,375, while the average value of a home in the city is $82,700.

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Freetown-Port Rico

Freetown-Port Rico is a historic neighborhood in Lafayette, located centrally and surrounded by University Avenue, Pinhook Road, Taft Street, and Johnston Street. It has a rich heritage, with a diverse community made up of people from various cultural backgrounds.

Unfortunately, Freetown-Port Rico also grapples with poverty, with a high poverty rate of 47.9%. The median annual income for households in this area is $25,833, and the typical home is valued at $128,300.

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LaPlace is a residential area in the northwest part of Lafayette, bordered by Interstate 10, Interstate 49, Carmel Drive, and Moss Street. It has a high poverty rate of 46.9%, with a median household income of $26,250 and a median home value of $86,500.

The neighborhood faces challenges like limited educational achievements, scarce job prospects, and a heavy reliance on public aid. Nevertheless, there are initiatives aimed at helping residents and enhancing the community. One example is the LaPlace Community Development Corporation (LCDC), which offers affordable housing and social services to low-income families.

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Downtown Lafayette is the heart of the city, encompassing the central business district and its historic center. It’s bordered by Evangeline Thruway, Pinhook Road, Johnston Street, and University Avenue. This area is rich in culture and serves as the city’s economic focal point, offering a range of attractions like museums, art galleries, eateries, shops, parks, and events.

Yet, it’s important to note that Downtown Lafayette faces economic challenges. It stands as one of the least affluent neighborhoods in the city, with a poverty rate of 46.6%. The typical household income in this area is $27,917, and the median home value is $149,900.

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These are some of the most poorest neighborhoods in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana, in the United States. They have their own individual histories, cultures, and identities, but at the same time, they have many of the same challenges and requirements.

We are better able to recognize their skills and potentials, as well as encourage them in their efforts to enhance the quality of their lives, if we have a greater grasp of their circumstances and the difficulties they face.