Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Essex

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Essex, Vermont

Essex, Vermont stands as a delightful town, presenting a range of attractions and conveniences for both its inhabitants and those who come to visit. As per information from Wikipedia, it ranks as the second most populous locality in Vermont, sheltering a populace of 22,251 individuals and comprising four distinct neighborhoods.

Yet, not all corners of Essex share identical recognition or admiration. In this piece, we will delve into five of the lesser-acknowledged neighborhoods within Essex, Vermont, unveiling their unique qualities.

Butlers Corners

This locality can be found in the western region of Essex, close to the Williston border. It’s a countryside region abundant in expansive areas and unspoiled natural attractiveness.

Furthermore, it hosts the Catamount Family Center, a not-for-profit group providing outdoor leisure and learning activities suitable for all generations. Butlers Corners proves to be an ideal location for individuals fond of nature and seeking a serene and tranquil way of life.

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Pages Corner

This locality can be found in the eastern section of Essex, close to the border with Jericho. It possesses a rich historical essence, brimming with unique character and allure.

Furthermore, it houses the Old Red Mill, a prominent structure with origins tracing back to 1797, which presently functions as a museum and a gift shop. Pages Corner presents an ideal destination for individuals who value history and culture, seeking to immerse themselves in a charming and snug ambiance.

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Essex Center

This locality can be found in the central region of Essex, close to where Routes 15 and 128 intersect. It functions as the main commercial and civic focal point of the town, hosting numerous stores, eateries, services, and public amenities.

The Essex Free Library, a contemporary and roomy library that provides a diverse array of resources and activities for the community, is also situated here. For individuals seeking convenient access to a wide array of necessities and wishing to be involved in a lively and dynamic community, Essex Center presents an excellent choice.

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This locality can be found in the southern region of Essex, close to the border of South Burlington. It is a residential zone that boasts considerable diversity and a range of choices. It encompasses various housing styles, including detached homes, apartments, and condominiums.

Moreover, it accommodates a diverse array of inhabitants, spanning from young professionals and families to senior citizens. The locality is also home to Essex Community Park, a sizable park featuring numerous amenities and activities suitable for all age groups. Founders is an ideal destination for individuals seeking abundant choices and prospects, and who desire to reside in a warm and hospitable neighborhood.

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Essex Junction

This locality is situated in the northern region of Essex, near the Colchester border. It used to be a separate incorporated village until 2022, when it amalgamated with the town of Essex. It is an urban area that exudes a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

It boasts numerous attractions, including the Champlain Valley Exposition, the largest fairground in Vermont; the Five Corners, the most bustling intersection in the state; and the Amtrak station, linking Essex Junction to other cities in the vicinity. For those seeking enjoyment and adventure while residing in a dynamic and spirited neighborhood, Essex Junction is an excellent choice.

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These are the some underrated neighborhoods which contribute to the charm of Essex, Vermont, making it a delightful place to reside. Each locality possesses distinct characteristics and advantages that cater to various preferences.

Whether your interests lie in nature, history, culture, convenience, diversity, or entertainment, you can discover them within these lesser-known Essex, Vermont neighborhoods.

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