Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Idaho Falls

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls, situated in Bonneville County, Idaho, is a lively city. While primarily an agricultural hub, it also serves as a gateway to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.

The cost of living here is approximately 6 percent lower than the U.S. average, and there’s an abundance of outdoor recreational opportunities. Additionally, the city is experiencing a surge in new construction, with homes boasting a median price of $165,000.

However, not all neighborhoods in Idaho Falls enjoy the same level of popularity or recognition. Some are hidden treasures that provide residents with a diverse array of living options, affordable housing, and convenient access to bustling shopping districts.

Here are five of the most overlooked neighborhoods in Idaho Falls that you should consider if you’re in search of a place to reside or invest in.

The Village

The Village, located in the western part of Idaho Falls, is a neighborhood that provides excellent value for buyers. Houses in The Village range from $160,000 to $225,000, offering buyers the option of purchasing a spacious home with up to 3,400 square feet, six bedrooms, and three bathrooms.

For those looking at the lower end of the price range, homes priced at $160,000 are around 2,600 square feet and come in two- and three-bedroom options. Additionally, there are parks and shopping facilities conveniently located nearby.

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Rose Nielsen

In Idaho Falls, on the eastern side, lies the Rose Nielsen subdivision. This neighborhood was established over a span of three decades starting in the 1960s.

The neighborhood covers a large area, extending from 17th Street in the north to Sunnyside in the south, with hundreds of residential homes in between.

The houses are well-kept and display various design styles, each with its own unique character. Prices for these homes range from $250,000 to $500,000. As you head further south in the subdivision, both the size and value of the homes increase.

Living in Rose Nielsen also offers convenient access to healthcare services and shopping centers located just to the east.

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Comore Loma

Comore Loma is an attractive housing development located in Greater Idaho Falls, situated along the foothills of the mountains in the city of Ammon. Within Comore Loma, there are numerous homes, each boasting stunning views.

The lots vary in size, ranging from 1.5 acres to 7 acres, with house prices spanning from $250,000 to $1 million. Comore Loma offers a variety of architectural styles to choose from for your home.

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North Mapleview Drive

In Greater Idaho Falls, another prestigious neighborhood can be found along North Mapleview Drive. This area boasts a variety of stunning homes, particularly within the Timberline Estates subdivision, which is situated 5 miles north of Idaho Falls.

Houses priced at approximately $250,000 can offer 3,400 square feet of living space on a half-acre lot. These homes typically feature five bedrooms and three bathrooms. On the higher end, more expensive models priced at around $425,000 can offer a spacious 5,200 square feet with six bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park, located in downtown Idaho Falls, is a picturesque historic neighborhood with a collection of enchanting homes constructed in the early 1900s. This area is conveniently situated near a plethora of amenities including eateries, boutiques, museums, and parks.

Throughout the year, Lincoln Park plays host to a number of events like farmers markets, concerts, and festivals. The prices of homes in Lincoln Park fluctuate based on their size and condition, typically falling within the range of $150,000 to $300,000.

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Final Words

In summary, Idaho Falls provides a wide range of attractions for both its residents and visitors. With its affordable living costs, deep-rooted history, diverse culture, and breathtaking natural beauty, it offers something for everyone.

Additionally, there are numerous neighborhoods that may not receive the recognition they deserve. Regardless of whether you’re interested in a charming residence in a historic area or a roomy property in a picturesque community, you’ll discover it in Idaho Falls.