Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Latah County

Discover the 5 Most Underrated Neighborhoods in Latah County, Idaho

Latah County is a place in the middle part of Idaho, with about 40,000 people living there. It’s where the main university in the state, the University of Idaho, is located. The area also has a lot of interesting history and traditions.

Apart from the main town called Moscow, there are several other lovely and picturesque areas that people don’t always notice, even if they live there or come to visit. Here are five of these less known but really nice neighborhoods in Latah County, Idaho.


Kendrick is a little town with around 300 people. It’s found by the Potlatch River in the southwest part of the county. It started in 1890 as a town for the railroad. The old downtown area has many special buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Kendrick is famous for its yearly Locust Blossom Festival. This festival marks the time when the locust trees along the streets and hillsides of the town start to bloom.

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Troy is a little town with around 900 folks. It sits on the eastern side of the county. Troy was founded in 1897 as a place where people worked in the woods and on farms. It’s known for its warm and welcoming vibe.

In Troy, you can do lots of outdoor stuff like walking, riding bikes, fishing, and hunting in the nearby woods and fields. Plus, Troy has events happening all year round, like the Troy Old Timers’ Picnic, the Troy Lions Club Rodeo, and the Troy Community Christmas Celebration.

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Viola is a small town in the northern part of the county with around 100 residents. It started in 1872 as a stop for stagecoaches and later became a hub for farming and ranching.

Viola has an old-fashioned and countryside appeal. There are several important old buildings and places, like the Viola Community Hall, the Viola Schoolhouse, and the Viola Cemetery. Additionally, Viola is near some lovely natural spots, including Moscow Mountain, Paradise Ridge, and Spring Valley Reservoir.

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Bovill is a small town with around 250 people. It sits in the southeast part of the county. It started in 1903 as a town centered around a lumber mill and it still has close ties to the timber industry.

Bovill has a charming and peaceful atmosphere. There are a handful of local shops and services like the Bovill Historical Museum, the Bovill Library, and the Bovill Mercantile. The town is also surrounded by lovely natural sights like Elk Creek Falls, Moose Creek Reservoir, and Giant Cedar Grove.

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Princeton is a small town with around 150 people. It’s in the west part of the county. It started in 1891 as a mining town, and then it became a place known for logging and farming.

Princeton is a calm and easygoing place. There are some cool spots to check out like the Princeton Museum, the Princeton Tavern, and the Princeton Hot Springs. Also, there are exciting outdoor things to do nearby, like riding snowmobiles, ATVs, and camping in the Potlatch River Valley.

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Final Words

Here are some lesser-known neighborhoods in Latah County that should get more attention and love. If you’re seeking a spot to visit, unwind, or experience local culture and history, consider exploring these hidden treasures in Latah County. You could discover some pleasant surprises!

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