Most Worst Neighborhoods in Buffalo

Discover the 5 Most Worst Neighborhoods in Buffalo, Wyoming

Buffalo, Wyoming is a little town near the Bighorn Mountains. Around 4,400 people live there. It’s famous for its old downtown, pretty views, and nice community. But, not all parts of Buffalo are equally good. Looking at crime numbers, who lives there, and what people say, here are the five most worst neighborhoods in Buffalo, Wyoming:

South Buffalo

This place includes the bottom part of the town, by US Highway 16 and Interstate 25. Crime is more common here compared to the rest of Buffalo. There are more cases of break-ins, stealing, and damaging property. People here usually earn less money than the average for the town, and more of them are struggling with poverty.

The homes here are mostly mobile homes and older houses for one family. Some of these houses are not in good shape. South Buffalo doesn’t have many nice things or interesting places to visit. It’s mostly a spot that people just pass by when they’re traveling.

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Fort McKinney

This area is to the north of Buffalo, close to where the old Fort McKinney military place used to be. It’s a countryside spot with big pieces of land and ranches, but there are also a few places where people live in trailers or houses that aren’t in good condition.

The amount of crime is medium, but people think of this place as far away and not very friendly. Most of the people who live here are older and have traditional beliefs, and there’s not a lot of variety or different cultures. Fort McKinney doesn’t have many services or places to go, and it’s a long way from the main part of town and other things you might need.

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Clear Creek

This area is on the eastern side of Buffalo. It’s not very crowded and has a lot of open land for farming. There’s not much crime here, but there are some problems with the environment, like flooding, land wearing away, and pollution from coal mines nearby.

The houses are few and costly, mostly being big farms and ranches. Clear Creek doesn’t have many things to do like fun stuff, shopping, or places to eat. It’s mostly a quiet place for rich landowners to live in the countryside.

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Airport Road

This area is to the west of Buffalo, close to Johnson County Airport. It’s an industrial place with storage buildings, factories, and businesses connected to airplanes and energy. The crime rate is high, especially for things like stealing and damaging property.

The place is loud and not very clean because of planes at the airport and methane plants nearby. There aren’t many places to live, and the ones available are not expensive. Most of them are motels, apartments, and mobile homes. Airport Road doesn’t have a lot of nice things to offer or interesting places, mostly just a place where people go to work.

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North Main Street

This part of the city is in the north of Main Street, which is the main road in Buffalo. There are stores, places to eat, hotels, and offices here. The amount of crime is medium, but there are issues with too many cars on the road, not enough parking spaces, and people leaving trash around.

There are different kinds of homes that don’t cost too much, but some are old and not taken care of well. On North Main Street, there are things to see and places to go, like the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum. However, it’s not as pretty or interesting as the older downtown area.

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These are the five worst neighborhoods in Buffalo, Wyoming, based on my research. But this doesn’t mean they are totally unsafe or undesirable. Every neighborhood has good and bad points, and some people might like them more than others depending on what they like and need. The best way to know if a neighborhood is good for you is to go there and talk to the people who live there.