Occupy Tally Stands Firm Against Tallahassee's Attempt to Silence Their Voices.

Occupy Tally Stands Firm Against Tallahassee’s Attempt to Silence Their Voices.

On Monday, people from Occupy Tally will get together again to fight against a law that bans abortions after 6 weeks.

This time, though, they are moving places.

Instead of going back to city hall, everything will happen at the courts for Leon County. This comes after people were arrested Monday because the city thinks they didn’t follow the curfew for the area.

Attorney Mutaqee Akbar said, “It’s a constitutional issue to make laws or rules that are meant to limit someone’s freedom of speech.”

Akbar is the lawyer for two of the eleven people who were arrested at Monday’s protest. Akbar said that the arrest was wrong because the protest wasn’t getting in the way of anything going on in the city hall plaza.

Even though there were no problems, the city told the protesters more than once that they would be arrested if they didn’t leave the area.

Protesters want their charges against them to be dropped.

So, Akbar said, “I think the constitutional issue is that it was only done to this group to limit their freedom of speech.”

This week, Mayor John Dailey said that the city had been in touch with the group before the protest day.

The pass was taken away before the protest because they knew they were going to stay overnight.

The city also put up signs saying that camping isn’t allowed and that the park is only open from sunrise to sunset.

Kat Duesterhaus, a member of Occupy Tally, said that all they want is a safe place where they can talk about their problems without getting in trouble.

Duesterhaus said, “Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the city of Tallahassee to back us, but that didn’t stop us from exercising our constitutional right to protest.”

Monday, Occupy Tally will pick up where they left off, and they want to get one point across.

Duesterhaus said, “We are trying to warn the world that the state of Florida is no longer free.”

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