Over an Electrical Bill, an Orange County Man is Accused of Killing His Sister
Image Source: WESH

Over an Electrical Bill, An Orange County Man is Accused of Killing His Sister

Rowby Severe, aged 37, is currently in custody at Orange County Jail, accused of shooting and killing one of his sisters and injuring another.

The incident occurred at their residence on Charles Street in Pine Hills at approximately 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, as reported by the deputies.

According to the arrest report, Severe dialed 911 prior to the deputies’ arrival and confessed to shooting his sister.

The surviving sister informed the deputies that their brother was upset with them regarding an OUC power bill. Allegedly, Severe retrieved a firearm from his bedroom and forcibly entered a different bedroom where his sisters were located, physically assaulting them and striking them with the gun.

The report further states that when Magael Brown, one of his sisters, attempted to rise, Severe shot her in the head and then exited the room.

The other sister was subsequently transported to the hospital, where the arrest report indicates she sustained significant head injuries likely to result in permanent disfigurement.

Apparently, Severe confessed to the crime and told the following to the investigating detective: “The issues with his sister were an ongoing issue.”

Based on court records, the siblings had a significant disagreement about the house where the shooting took place. After their mother’s passing, she left the three of them with the house.

Then, about three years ago, Severe and the surviving sister took legal action against Brown. They aimed to sell the house, while Brown wanted to retain ownership. The case remains unresolved. In July, court documents indicate that the sister who has since passed away was attempting to purchase her siblings’ portion of the house.