Police Bust Senior Citizen Crime Ring at Kings Point Delray Beach!

Police Bust Senior Citizen Crime Ring at Kings Point Delray Beach!

DELRAY BEACH, FL — The senior living complex at Kings Point in Delray Beach, Florida, remains the core of arrests in the area.

There have been a total of nine arrests of inhabitants of Kings Point in the year 2023 alone. At least 32 have occurred since the beginning of the year 2022.

Joseph LaPorte, 63 years old, a resident of Normandy C in Kings Point, was just arrested. He is being accused of stealing property.

The arrest report of the defendant was still being processed by the Clerk of Courts in Palm Beach County on Saturday morning.

According to information provided by the Palm Beach County Jail to BocaNewsNow.com, he was taken into custody by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office at midday on Friday.

According to the findings of an investigation conducted by BocaNewsNow, it is believed that Kings Point Delray Beach is responsible for sending more residents to prison than any other senior living facility in South Palm Beach County.

Recent arrests made at Kings Point Delray Beach include those of alleged drunk drivers, alleged drug users, alleged sexual offenders, alleged batterers, a guy who reportedly fired at someone for walking their dog on a golf course, a lady who resisted arrest, people who are suspected of violence, and more.

Several hours after his detention, Mr. LaPorte was granted release from prison on his own recognizance and allowed to leave.

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