Prime Cuts and Perfect Grills: San Francisco's Best Steakhouses

Prime Cuts and Perfect Grills: San Francisco’s Best Steakhouses

The steakhouses in San Francisco range from classic American eateries to eateries serving Japanese wagyu beef, and from havens for Argentinian-style steaks to the famous House of Prime Rib, a symbol in the city where waiters carve succulent portions at the table. For any event, steak is the way to go. The top 5 steakhouses in San Francisco are listed below.

Alexander’s Steakhouse

This bi-level restaurant feels sophisticated and modern, in contrast to the typical wood-paneled, cave-like steak restaurants. Along with the restaurant’s excellent caviar service and steak, Chef Eric Upper also creates delectable stuffed pasta, housemade sausage, and exquisite seafood congee.

Prime Cuts and Perfect Grills: San Francisco's Best Steakhouses

The US, Australia, and Japan are the sources of the carefully chosen beef from small farms. Select from three-ounce chunks of Japanese wagyu, Flannery holstein, or Nebraska Prime dry-aged beef, each with an assortment of salts. The menu now offers Hitachiwagyu A5 black beef, which comes in a variety of cuts and styles.

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With a background in fine dining, Niku is an American steakhouse with a Japanese influence. The restaurant has an in-house butcher and a butcher shop next door since they are very focused on serving premium A5 wagyu beef.

Inside, the modern, dim dining area features a bar that stretches to the ceiling and is adorned with bottles of Japanese whiskey. A grill station with a wood-fired yakiniku grill and a binchotan charcoal barbecue sits in the middle of the restaurant.

Prime Cuts and Perfect Grills San Francisco's Best Steakhouses

The most popular cuts are the imperial wagyu tomahawk and four-ounce chunks of wagyu beef. Other delectable delicacies include crispy potatoes with furikake ranch and broccoli with a chili fish sauce caramel, as well as housemade pasta dishes prepared by chef Dustin Falcon, who has training in Italy.

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EPIC Steak

Arrive for the steak, remain for the scenery. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Bay Bridge from one of the luxurious leather banquettes or the patio (weather permitting) at this stylish waterfront restaurant.

The meat is carefully selected by butcher Bryan Flannery from farms in the area as well as farther afield in Idaho, Japan, and Tasmania.

Prime Cuts and Perfect Grills: San Francisco's Best Steakhouses

The 14-ounce ribeye, which is the restaurant’s specialty, is a thick, highly marbled slab that is dry-aged, grilled to a deep char, and served with fries, beans and greens, and curried cauliflower as sides. A5 wagyu tasting featuring two-ounce portions of imperial, mizayaki, and snow beef is a more recent addition.

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Roka Akor

Feel free to indulge on both sushi and beef, as Roka Akor is well-known for both. The robata grill, the restaurant’s focal point, is where cooks cook luxuriously seasoned beef steaks with Asian influences.

We particularly enjoy the six-ounce wagyu sirloin served with grilled bone marrow and spicy sweet garlic soy, as well as the wagyu flat-iron steak with maitake mushrooms and a runny egg yolk. Roka’s A4 and A5 Japanese wagyu beef are genuinely exceptional.

Prime Cuts and Perfect Grills: San Francisco's Best Steakhouses

Any of the slices goes nicely with the house wafu dressing, a flavorful soy vinaigrette, or the rich aioli laced with black truffle.

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This five-year-old steakhouse from Argentina combines cuisine from South America with a farm-to-table, ingredient-focused ambiance from Northern California.

All of the meat is prepared on a wood-fired barbecue. The choices include the thinly sliced skirt steak Entraña, the eight-ounce flat-iron steak Abuja, the New York steak Bife de Chorizo, the ribeye steak Ojo de Bife, and the ultimate cut, the 26-ounce bone-in ribeye steak Gaucho.

They are served with traditional drinks and colorful, tasty sides like pulpo, which is Spanish octopus eaten with potatoes and hot mojo de ajo, and papas, which are crisp-roasted potatoes covered with chimichurri butter.

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To Conclude

San Francisco has a steakhouse to suit your taste, whether it’s a traditional American steak, Japanese wagyu beef, Argentinian-style cuts, or something else entirely. San Francisco is a veritable steak lover’s paradise with its varied choices and breathtaking views.