Rapper and Security Guard in Orlando, Accused on Weapons Charges
Image Source: WFTV

Rapper and Security Guard in Orlando, Accused on Weapons Charges

An Orlando rapper, who goes by the name “Kuttem Reese” (real name Anthony Williams), and a man identified as his security guard were arrested on Saturday due to weapons-related charges.

Orlando police reported that members of the Parramore Bike Unit conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling southbound on Magnolia Avenue at Washington Street, which was in a “bus only” lane.

The two individuals in the front seats of the car were observed wearing all-black attire, complete with full face masks and black latex gloves.

Upon searching the vehicle, law enforcement discovered multiple firearms and a small quantity of cannabis.

The two occupants in the front seats identified themselves as security personnel for rapper Anthony Williams, aka “Kuttem Reese,” who was situated in the back seat.

They explained to the police that they were en route to an Orlando nightclub where Williams was scheduled to perform when they were pulled over.

Consequently, both Williams and one of the individuals in the front seat, Thomas Bagley Jr., 34, were taken into custody.

Williams faced charges related to openly carrying firearms, while Bagley was charged with possession of a short-barreled rifle.