Shocking Arrests of Florida Democrats Lead to Unprecedented Fundraising Surge!

Shocking Arrests of Florida Democrats Lead to Unprecedented Fundraising Surge!

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (FLV) – After two of its officials were detained at an abortion protest in Tallahassee on Monday night, a lot of people gave money to the Florida Democratic Party.

According to the Tallahassee Police Department, the Senate Minority Leader, Lauren Book, and the Chair of the Florida Democratic Party, Nikki Fried, were detained after being warned several times.

They joined other people in a protest against a bill in the Florida Legislature that would restrict abortions after six weeks.

“Yesterday, 461 people gave $15,861.40 to the Florida Democratic Party through the Internet. “That’s the most money and donors @FlaDems has gotten online since the day before the election (505 donations),” Fried said.

“It’s not a lot, but it’s something. Help us keep fighting!!!!”

Shocking Arrests of Florida Democrats Lead to Unprecedented Fundraising Surge!

At the protest, professional images were taken of Fried and others being arrested around the city. Fried used these photos to advertise himself as soon as he was let go by the police.

After sitting in a circle with protesters, Fried and Book can be seen on video being put in handcuffs.

The police department said that the city had been working with protest organizers for more than a week. However, due to the magnitude of the gathering they were expecting and their intention to camp overnight, they were told last Friday that the city couldn’t help them.

“When the group got at City Hall today, they were able to use the building during regular business hours. After being warned several times during the day, protesters stated they knew that anyone who didn’t leave by sundown would be arrested, according to a statement from the police department.

Before the rally, #OccupyTally organizers warned that “any arrests that may happen” will be shown to the media on Monday.

The OccupyTally Twitter account reported that protestors “knew what was going to happen” after the arrests.

“We already knew what would happen. “We chose to do civil disobedience on purpose to protect our right to control over our bodies,” the account added.

Republicans in the state termed the event “performance art.”

Shocking Arrests of Florida Democrats Lead to Unprecedented Fundraising Surge!

In a statement to Florida’s Voice, Florida Republican Party Chair Christian Ziegler said, “It’s not fair that the mugshots of the Florida Democrat Party Chair and the Florida Democrat State Senator are being kept secret while the mugshots of those who joined them in the political stunt and arrest are being made public.”

“To be fair, Fried and Book should give their permission for their mugshots to be shown to the public,” Ziegler said.

“After being warned over and again, Nikki Fried and Lauren Book chose to get arrested last night. There’s no reason why their mugshots should be kept secret but not those of the people they was arrested with.

Evan Power, Vice Chair of the Republican Party, said, “I encourage both of them to give up the protection if they really want to stand with those who were with them. Otherwise, it’s just more hypocrisy and performance art.”

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