Shocking! This Popular FL City Ranks #3 on the List of Least Safe Cities in America!

Shocking! This Popular FL City Ranks #3 on the List of Least Safe Cities in America!

Let’s face it: crime happens everywhere. No matter how safe a place is, a crime will happen there in some way. But some towns are not as safe as others because they have more crime.

People who want to move to another city or state for a new job or just a change of scenery should know which places are the best and which are the least safe.

If you are planning to move soon, you might want to keep reading. A big national newspaper just put out a story about the best and least safe places in America, and a very popular city in Florida was on the list.

In this piece, we’ll find out which media outlet made the list, as well as which popular city in Florida and a few other places also made the list.

In March 2023, “The 5 Safest Cities in the U.S. 2023” was published on Even though the story said which towns were the best in America, it also said which ones were the least safe.

According to the story, the magazine focused on the number of physical crimes, property crimes, deaths caused by cars, deaths from drug overdoses, and the number of people who drink too much. Orlando is a well-known city in Florida that made the list.

The third place on the list was Orlando. The other four places in the bottom five are St. Louis at #5, Milwaukee at #4, New Orleans at #2, and Baton Rouge at #1.

If you’re curious, the report says that Frisco, Texas, is the safest place in the country. Frisco is not only the best city in America, but also one of the most inexpensive.

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