Stay Ahead of the Storm: Jimmy Patronis Urges Swift Hurricane Readiness

Stay Ahead of the Storm: Jimmy Patronis Urges Swift Hurricane Readiness

While visiting the Miami-based Urban Search and Rescue Florida Task Force 2 Training Center on Friday, he made the following remarks. Although it may take some time for the hurricane season to begin, Floridians should start preparing now, advises Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis.

“I encourage all Floridians statewide to prepare now to ensure you, your family, and your businesses have a disaster plan in place,” Patronis stated, who also serves as State Fire Marshal.”

In addition, he mentioned that residents may get information on Florida’s tax-free home-hardening program, My Safe Florida Home, and other resources by visiting

Patronis evaluated hurricane readiness and emphasized the critical role of Florida’s eight urban search and rescue teams during a stop at the Urban Search and Rescue Florida Task Force 2 Training Center in Miami on Friday.

“I can’t thank this task force enough for their service and sacrifice to our state,” he stated. “These heroes were some of the first to respond to the Surfside condo collapse and also deployed to Southwest Florida following Hurricane Ian. In 2022, I was proud to advocate and secure $10 million in funding to provide these teams with more equipment to aid in their life-saving missions.”

Members of the urban search and rescue task force perform numerous vital disaster response functions, such as locating and rescuing stranded individuals at damaged or collapsed structures, assessing potentially dangerous materials on the scene, and informing local, state, tribal, territorial, and federal authorities of urgent needs.

Patronis was accompanied at the facility by a number of leaders of emergency departments and government figures from Miami-Dade County.

Among them are Miami Fire Chief Joseph Zahralban, Miami City Commissioners Miguel Gabela and Manolo Reyes, and Republican Representatives Alina García, Alex Rizo, and Mike Redondo.

It was an honor to host Patronis, according to Zahralban.

“As Floridians, we know all too well the devastation that hurricanes can cause,” he stated. “We train year-round to ensure our dedicated task force members are prepared for the worst. A huge thanks to the CFO for recognizing our first responders and bringing awareness to the importance of hurricane season preparedness.”

Colorado State University hurricane researchers predict that 2024 may be the Atlantic Basin’s most active hurricane season ever. From June 1 to November 30, 23 named storms, including 11 hurricanes, are predicted. Five of those are expected to develop to at least Category 3 strength.

At a recent press conference, Governor Ron DeSantis stated that Florida is well-equipped to withstand the next hurricanes because to its use of contemporary building techniques and steady utility infrastructure reinforcement by Florida Power & Light.

But “the most predictable thing about hurricanes is that they are unpredictable,” asserts Rizo.