Pest Alert: West Palm Beach Faces Termite Threat, Ranks 9th

Pest Alert: West Palm Beach Faces Termite Threat, Ranks 9th

West Palm Beach is ranked ninth among places that attract termites, according to Orkin’s ranking of the top 50 termite-eating cities. On the list, the city moved up six spots from the previous year.

Miami is the city that ranks first, and Tampa is ranked third. Other Florida cities that were included on the list:

  • Orlando: 8th Worst City.
  • Fort Myers: 33rd worst city.
  • Jacksonville: 37th worst city.

Termites are anticipating the warm weather now that spring has arrived and winter has passed, according to Orkin, a pest treatment company. The pest treatment company says that since termites prefer warm climates, this is the ideal time to safeguard your house.

“Termites are known as ‘silent destroyers’ because they can thrive in your home for months or even years before they’re acknowledged,” Glen Ramsey, Director of the Entomology Team that supports Orkin stated. “These pests are difficult to detect, which is why it’s important for homeowners to take preventative action. The experts at Orkin are prepared to create a tailored plan for your specific needs.”

Termite infestation symptoms include:

  • An abundance of flying insects within your house or emerging from the ground nearby
  • Paint that has cracked or bubbled, or frass (termite droppings)
  • When taped, wood that sounds hollow
  • Mud tubes in crawl spaces, on wooden beams, and on external walls

According to Orkin, homeowners may prevent termites this spring by inspecting water drainage areas, reducing the amount of moisture within the house, caulking gaps, getting rid of decaying wood, installing screens on exterior vents, and examining wooden structures for damage.