5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Chicago

Frankly Delicious: The 5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Chicago

The following locations are likely to please, regardless of whether you’re a purist who thinks ketchup ought to be outlawed or a Michigander who dreams of a Coney Island hot dog.

While certain restaurants are among Chicago’s most iconic and have been operating for a long time, others feature the greatest affordable fare.

Not to mention Korean-style corn dogs with unusual toppings, there’s even a local mini-chain of stands inside Home Depot stores. You may have a wiener anytime you want; you don’t have to wait for your next barbecue or game; our list of the top Chicago hot dog restaurants will tell you where to obtain them.

Superdawg Drive-In

This drive-in hot dog joint has undergone renovations in 1999, but the inside design remains unchanged; uniformed waitresses deliver your order straight to your car window. The owners have patented practically every item, presumably fearing copycats.

The star attraction is the “Superdawg,” which is an all-beef frank so enormous it’s difficult to take it out of its cartoon-covered packaging.

You should practically wheel yourself home after a lunch of hot dogs, fries, burgers (try the delectable, double-decker “Whoopercheesie”), and “Supershakes” (which aren’t so fantastic).

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Fixin’ Franks

A hot dog vendor near the exits is certainly familiar to any contractor or do-it-yourselfer who has visited a Home Depot in the city. You might be surprised to learn that the giant in hardware isn’t the one running the stands.

5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Chicago

They are a member of the Fixin’ Franks mini-chain, which is limited to a few locations in the Chicago area and the suburbs. Some may be surprised by the quality, but they shouldn’t be—the dogs are cooked using ingredients from Bridgeport’s Makowski’s Real Sausage.

Extra treats include wagyu beef dogs from Michigan-based Vander Farmers and Polish sausages topped with J.P. Graziano giardiniera.

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A place on the dais is rightfully Wolfy’s in the pantheon of Chicago hot dog stands. Consider it the anti-Wieners Circle—the staff is kind and the room is immaculate.

Take a cue from the distinctive logo (a hot dog impaled on a sparkling fork) and stick to the sausages, even though it offers much more.

Though the Vienna beef char-grilled Polish is almost flawless, even the most hardened hot dog aficionado will have to concede that Wolfy’s hot dog is among the best in the city.

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The Wieners Circle

This historic roadside shack’s owners have had enough of the drunken yuppies’ nonsense. So much so that coming here for a late-night dog run has become synonymous with their own particular brand of smack-talking.

5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Chicago

Enjoy a classic Chicago red hot with all the fixings (mustard, onion, celery salt, pickle spear, tomato, onion, and sport peppers) along with thick-cut fries, a large, fat lemonade, and a few expletives. Just don’t place your order for a shake.

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Redhot Ranch

Redhot Ranch’s M.O. is perfect execution with minimal selection. Crisp on the outside and pillowy on the inside, fresh-cut fries adorn juicy depression dogs, a simplified take on the Chicago-style dog flavored with mustard, onions, relish, and sport peppers.

Enjoying a meal with a group? Add a pound of crispy fried shrimp to the serving tray. Everything is provided daily till midnight.

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To Conclude

There is something for everyone in Chicago’s hot dog scene, regardless of your gastronomic preferences. This list offers a jumping off point for exploring the city’s unique hot dog culture, ranging from legendary drive-in institutions to hidden gems behind hardware shops.

So put away the ketchup, gather a napkin (you’ll need it), and start exploring Chicago’s best hot dog spots on your delectable tour.