Tragic Car Crash on I-95 Claims Life of Woman and Injures Another

Tragic Car Crash on I-95 Claims Life of Woman and Injures Another

A single-vehicle car crash near the southbound entrance of State Road 824 (Pembroke Road) on I-95 has resulted in the death of one woman and left another woman with serious injuries.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), the accident occurred around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday. The deceased woman, aged 25, was a passenger in the vehicle involved in the crash, while the 22-year-old woman sustained serious injuries. The next of kin for both individuals have been notified.

The FHP report states that the women’s sedan was traveling southbound on the outside left turn lane of the I-95 exit ramp to Pembroke Road. However, instead of making a left turn to proceed eastbound on Pembroke Road, the vehicle continued straight through the intersection of Pembroke Road and I-95.

As a result, the undercarriage of the vehicle collided with the curb on the outside shoulder of Pembroke Road. The vehicle continued traveling south and collided with a black sign support pole situated in the unpaved grass shoulder of Pembroke Road.

The vehicle then rotated counterclockwise and continued southward. Subsequently, the right side of the vehicle collided with a concrete sign support pole, causing it to rotate clockwise.

Finally, the vehicle came to a rest on the grass shoulder, south of Pembroke Road and east of the I-95 entrance ramp.

The Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating the accident.

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