Two-Year Jail Term for Oregon Dad Who Drugged Daughter's Friends; Girls Demanded More
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Two-Year Jail Term for Oregon Dad Who Drugged Daughter’s Friends; Girls Demanded More

A guy from Oregon acknowledged to the crime of adding depressive pills to his daughter’s three friends’ smoothies during a sleepover. His sentence of two years in prison is less than what the girls and their families requested.

According to a county spokesman on Wednesday, Michael Meyden of Lake Oswego, Oregon, entered a guilty plea on Monday to three charges of forcing someone else to use a controlled substance in Clackamas County Circuit Court. Meyden will be under post-prison monitoring for three years after his release.

“Mr. Meyden’s actions are inexcusable and reckless and required a punishment commensurate with the crime,” Clackamas County District Attorney John Wentworth stated. “The impact this event has had on the child victims, their families, and our community has been enormous.”

According to the Oregonian newspaper, the girls and their parents spoke before the sentencing to discuss the impact the crime had on them. They also begged the judge for a longer term, with one mother stating, “You played Russian roulette with my child’s life.”

How was the three girls drugged by Michael Meyden?

On August 26, 2023, when detectives were sent to the emergency room of Randall Children’s Hospital, they discovered that three girls had taken benzodiazepine, a depressive drug. This prompted Lake Oswego police to launch an investigation into Meyden.

During his daughter’s sleepover, who is twelve years old, Meyden gave the girls drugs. The affidavit went on to say that he gave the girls mango smoothies laced with narcotics.

Meyden was detained on a $50,000 bond after turning himself in to the Clackamas County Jail on February 28.

Later, in accordance with the search request, investigators would find five prescription vials of the sleep aid Temazepam, along with scales, razor blades, and instruments for powdering tablets.

What made Michael Meyden give the girls drugs?

Meyden stated in court on Monday that his main goal in adding the spike to the girls’ smoothies was to induce sleep so they would be well-rested for the events his family had scheduled for everyone the following day, according to Turnoy.

Turnoy added that he added the narcotics to the smoothies to stop the females from secretly leaving the residence.

“Mr. Meyden is incredibly remorseful and humbled and recognizes his conduct was completely inappropriate,” he stated. “He demonstrated authentic and genuine remorse in his statement to the court, which was nearly 10 minutes.”

Meyden gave a 10-minute statement to the court, which Turnoy described as showing “authentic and genuine remorse.”

Meyden told the judge, “My whole life is destroyed,” according to the Oregonian. “Everything that was important to me up until that point is gone.”

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“My life has become a living hell,” the girl said in court.

During the sentencing process, the court heard victim testimony from two of the mothers and all three of the girls who Meyden had drugged.

The Oregonian reports that the girls have been recuperating for months from Meyden’s offenses, which they described as a severe breach of trust.

The Oregonian reported that one of the girls’ moms told the judge Meyden was “playing Russian roulette” with her child’s life.

“She is barely 5 feet tall and on a good day 70 pounds soaking wet and you overdosed her.” She claimed that her daughter had overdosed and that the amount of narcotics in her system was “off the charts.”

According to the Oregonian, a second mother told the judge, “No decent parent feels the need to drug their own child and her friends. No decent parent puts their hands on drugged and unconscious young girls without nefarious intent.”

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Meyden stood over one of the girls and observed her for fifteen minutes.

According to the court complaint, the girl told detectives that Meyden attempted to drag one of the other females toward the edge of the bed while she feigned to be asleep.

Meyden texted her mother when she attempted to do the same thing once more, and the court filing went on.

The search warrant states that the girl who contacted her mother could “feel him” hovering over and observing her for fifteen minutes when Meyden approached the girls a third time.

About three in the morning, the girl’s parents went to Meyden’s house to pick up the other two daughters.

One of the girls reported to police feeling “woozy, hot, and clumsy” about 12 hours after consuming the smoothie, as per the search warrant. After being brought to a hospital, she subsequently tested positive for benzodiazepines.

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