14 Protestors Detained After Storming Florida Statehouse to Confront Governor Desantis

14 Protestors Detained After Storming Florida Statehouse to Confront Governor Desantis

According to information obtained by RadarOnline.com, fourteen people were taken into custody after storming the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in an attempt to confront him.

The event occurred in the afternoon on Wednesday inside the Florida State Capitol building when a group of protesters calling themselves the Dream Defenders invaded DeSantis’ Tallahassee office.

The non-profit human rights group Dream Defenders was established in 2013 in response to the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin. According to a representative for the organization, the police in Florida invoked the “Dream Defenders rule” to arrest the demonstrators.

It has been alleged that the “Dream Defenders rule” is a procedure that was established following Martin’s murder in 2013 and that it prohibits overnight stays at the Florida statehouse.

In another startling development, charges have been made that Florida police officers attacked a reporter working for USA Today as they were arresting demonstrators and preventing other media sources from accessing the facility.

“Gov. DeSantis and Republican lawmakers have chosen to attack many of Florida’s most vulnerable and historically marginalized communities with policies that attack who they are, who they love, and how and what they learn,” said Dwight Bullard, a Senior Political Advisor at the ally organization Florida Rising who was arrested. Bullard was also a target of the attack. Bullard was arrested.

According to reports, the Dream Defenders organized the protest as a component of a much bigger nationwide demonstration dubbed Freedom to Learn. After that, the organization “altered” its demonstration in order to address a variety of concerns that have been afflicting Florida’s underrepresented populations.

However, when the protesters stormed the Florida governor’s office in order to demand a meeting with DeSantis, the rumored presidential candidate for 2024 is said to have called for the demonstrators to be arrested.

“By virtue of being born, we are entitled to a real dignified democracy that gives us a say on our blocks, in our cities, in our schools, and the places we work,” said Nailah Summers-Polite, the co-director of Dream Defenders and one of the first protestors to be arrested on Wednesday, in a statement that was obtained by RadarOnline.com. Summers-Polite was the first protestor to be arrested on Wednesday.

“This is not a singular issue situation, this is the culmination of every repressive piece of legislation passed this session,” noted Jamil Davis, who serves as the Florida state organizing manager for Black Voters Matter. “This is not a singular issue situation.”

“We need [DeSantis] to care about the people and not a cultural agenda to win his way to the presidency,” said one supporter. “We need him to win.”


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