A Man Who Attempted to Abduct WWE Star Sonya Deville Was Given a 15-year Jail Sentence

A Man Who Attempted to Abduct WWE Star Sonya Deville Was Given a 15-year Jail Sentence

TAMPA, Fla. – According to the prosecution, Philip Thomas traveled all the way from South Carolina to the region around Tampa Bay while carrying a knife, zip ties, and duct tape.

They said that he intended to abduct WWE wrestling star Sonya Deville, and it appears that he came very close to achieving his goal.

Several months earlier, he had been harassing her with threatening text messages on social media, and later, he had extended these threats to her friends and family as well.

According to Deville, she paid it little attention – at least for the most part – until he carried out the actions he had threatened.

A plea deal was accepted by Judge Barbara Twine-Thomas in a courtroom in Tampa, Florida, approximately three years after the issue had been initially brought to her attention.

Thomas entered a guilty plea for many crimes, including attempted kidnapping, aggravated stalking, and armed burglary. Thomas also admitted to breaking and entering while armed. He will first serve 15 years in prison, and then another 15 years on probation for his crime.

According to the prosecutor, his fascination developed into a rage, which then developed into a scheme to abduct Deville.

They said that Thomas broke into the residence of the wrestling star in August of the year 2020. In the video from the home surveillance system, Deville can be seen checking a sliding door after her alarm system was activated.

You can see her recognize Thomas and then make a break for it in the video. After a few moments, a chilling sight as Thomas walked into her house looking for Deville to confront him.

Thomas was taken into custody not long after that.

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