Breaking News Gunshots Ring Out at Walmart - Police Rush to Scene.

Breaking News: Gunshots Ring Out at Walmart – Police Rush to Scene.

Saturday, someone told West Palm Beach police that shots were fired near a Walmart on 45th Street.

This store is in West Palm Beach at 4225 45th Street.

Investigators say that at 2:09 p.m., a customer told two West Palm Beach police officers that a possible robbery was happening or was about to happen in the store.

As the cops looked into what was going on, they saw two men run out of the “Home Living” entrance of the store.

Officers told the people to stop, and officials say that’s when one of them pulled out a gun. At that point, shots were fired, but cops haven’t said if the person in question or police officers did it. Everyone was safe.

“If our West Palm Beach police officers hadn’t acted quickly, this could have been a very bad situation that could have ended in tragedy,” said Mike Jachles, the public information officer for the West Palm Beach Police Department.

At the moment, one person is in arrest and the other is still out on the streets.

There is no news yet about whether the store was robbed or not.

The Walmart is still open right now.

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