Father Charged in Fatal Shooting of Toddler in Tallahassee
Image Source: WCTV

Father Charged in Fatal Shooting of Toddler in Tallahassee

A 20-year-old man named Jevin Randle has been charged in connection with the accidental shooting death of his one-year-old son in early September.

The incident took place on September 6th at the Grove Park Apartments on Dick Wilson Boulevard. The child was shot in the abdomen and despite being taken to the hospital, he succumbed to the gunshot wound.

According to court documents, Randle is facing charges of culpable negligence for leaving a gun within reach of a child. Randle stated that on the day of the incident, he had bathed his two one-year-old children and then went into a bedroom to watch television.

The children later left the bedroom to play. Randle reported hearing a “pop” and upon investigation, discovered that one of the children had been shot.

Surveillance footage from inside the apartment captured more details of the incident. It showed Randle in a bedroom when the gunshot occurred.

The loud sound of the gunshot is clearly audible on the video. Randle can be seen rushing to the bedroom where the children were located, carrying the injured child out.

During a search of the apartment, police found a Glock 19 handgun with a spent cartridge casing in the chamber, which was determined to be the weapon involved in the incident.

An unsecured AK47 pistol, along with gun accessories and ammunition, were discovered under a bed in the same room.

Randle’s social media accounts revealed photos of him with firearms, and his cell phone was seized as evidence.

He informed the Department of Children and Families (DCF) that he had the handgun due to concerns about potential robbers reported the day before.

He claimed to have placed the gun on his bedroom bed and left the room before the gun discharged.

Randle asserted that his children were aware not to play with guns. However, a probable cause document states that there is enough evidence to suggest that Randle unlawfully stored or left a loaded gun within reach of a minor.

Randle made his first court appearance at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, and records indicate that his bond was set at $10,000.