Man Arrested With Terrifying Arsenal of Weapons and Homicidal Writings.

Man Arrested With Terrifying Arsenal of Weapons and Homicidal Writings.

JUPITER, Fla. — On March 26, Jupiter cops found a man standing outside a car on Indiantown Road under the Interstate 95 overpass.

Chapin Huffman was arrested in 2018 in St. Petersburg, where police said he was going before his car ran out of gas in Jupiter. The picture Channel 5 used was from when he was booked.

John MacVeigh, a former FBI agent, said, “In law enforcement, you’re lucky if you can find these things ahead of time.” “And you’re not playing “Monday Morning Quarterback” by saying, “Oh my God, we should have known” or “Someone should have known this person was like that.”

MacVeigh looked at Huffman’s arrest record, which said that police found almost 3,000 rounds of ammunition, five loaded semi-automatic handguns, and three rifles in Huffman’s car.

MacVeigh asked, “Who just goes out and buys eight guns?” “That doesn’t make any sense.”

The arrest report says that cops also found a notebook with writings labeled “…both suicidal and homicidal in nature.”

“Huffman also wrote about killing a lot of people by running through a crowd and stabbing as many people as possible,” the police report said.

MacVeigh said, “Just because someone writes about mass shootings doesn’t mean they’re going to do those kinds of crimes.” “And if someone has eight guns in their car, it’s a big red flag that they now have the tools to do this.”

In his police report, Huffman said he planned to kill five people and wrote, “My killing spree would be unlike any other.”

“Would he do something about it? MacVeigh said, “We don’t know.” “But at first glance, it does look pretty bad.”

Contact 5 looked into Huffman’s criminal past and found that he had been arrested for having marijuana and for driving under the influence after he hit a police car with his car in St. Petersburg. These are not crimes that stop him from legally buying guns.

Huffman is now in the custody of the federal government. She is being charged with having guns and ammunition while being an illegal user or addict of a controlled drug.

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