Motorcyclist Zooms at Almost 120 mph, Causes Collision with Trooper's Vehicle
Image By: WFLA

Motorcyclist Zooms at Almost 120 mph, Causes Collision with Trooper’s Vehicle

A motorcycle was taken into custody on Thursday after hitting a Florida Highway Patrol car at a speed of 120 mph, according to officials.

On Interstate 4 around mile marker 12, troopers reported they saw a biker going 117 mph in a 65 mph zone while enforcing speed limits.

The motorcycle didn’t have a registration tag, according to a trooper, so they turned on their emergency lights and siren and tried to pull over the driver.

The motorcycle rider continued to drive at a high speed and then took the exit toward US 92 and US 301, said the arrest report. After slowing down on the exit ramp, the motorcycle rider accelerated to over 100 mph and fled westward onto US 92.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office notified FHP shortly afterward that the motorbike was being tracked by their aviation unit, which had witnessed the event.

The rider managed to elude the trooper once more within the boundaries of Tampa, but he managed to escape once more.

The trooper said that the biker was discovered traveling slowly east on West Henry Avenue at around 2:05 a.m. The trooper stated that they halted their police car at an angle, turned on their emergency lights and siren, and assumed the rider would stop.

The rider attempted to overtake the trooper, but the motorbike overturned after it collided with the patrol car’s front left push bumper.

After that, Ashley McGee, the motorcyclist, was brought into arrest. After being taken to a hospital, he will be transferred to the Hillsborough County Jail after his condition is stabilized.

McGee had two past convictions for driving with a suspended license, according to troopers, and his license was suspended.


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