Oh, My God! Not Grady Judd! Suspect's Bail Bragging Stops Cold with Sheriff Judd

Oh, My God! Not Grady Judd! Suspect’s Bail Bragging Stops Cold with Sheriff Judd

Two individuals suspected of burglary and grand theft in Florida, one of whom has a history of criminal activities, confidently claimed they would be released from jail shortly after their arrest.

However, they didn’t realize they were apprehended in a county with a sheriff known for being strict on crime.

Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County explained that his deputies noticed a stolen Dodge Ram around 1 a.m. on Wednesday. The driver, identified as 24-year-old Tamari Lucas from Tampa, and a passenger stopped the truck and ran away on foot.

Although Lucas was arrested, the passenger managed to escape. When Lucas was taken into custody, he boasted to the deputies that he wouldn’t be in jail for long because he believed he was arrested in Osceola County. It was then revealed to him that he was, in fact, arrested in Polk County.

“Oh, my God! Not Grady Judd! Are you (expletive) serious? This really sucks because you guys don’t play around in Polk County,” he allegedly stated.

In a press conference, Judd said, “Well, the reality is, we want all burglars to understand that nobody plays.”

Judd is a straightforward sheriff known for speaking directly and often appearing at news conferences to condemn criminals. His no-nonsense style has earned him respect from fellow law enforcement and residents.

He became sheriff in 2004 and started his fifth term in 2021.

Lucas faces charges for stealing a car, driving without a valid license, causing damage twice, and trying to escape from the police. The sheriff’s office mentioned Lucas has a long history of 30 felony charges, 12 misdemeanor charges, and 19 re-arrests.

Lucas’ past charges include using a weapon to cause harm, stealing multiple cars, dealing with stolen goods, and committing aggravated battery, among other offenses. He has eight felony convictions.

Just before Lucas was arrested, deputies also apprehended 14-year-old Jeremiah Hamm, suspecting him of stealing a car. The deputies followed a stolen 2000 Nissan pickup truck on Interstate 4, and with the help of the Florida Highway Patrol, they cornered Hamm.

“What am I getting charged with, grand theft auto?” When was he taken into custody, Hamm inquired, according to Judd.

He informed the police that he had a court appointment the next day related to an earlier arrest for grand theft, and he was concerned about missing it, according to authorities.

Hamm, who is 14 years old, has been arrested before for crimes such as robbery with a firearm, armed burglary, grand theft, aggravated assault with a weapon, resisting arrest, drug possession, and trespassing, as per authorities.

“These two thieves are running rampant and they obviously don’t take our criminal justice system seriously,” Judd said. “Why is this 14-year-old out at 1:00 in the morning stealing cars and committing burglaries? Where are the adults in his life? We will absolutely hold these two accountable; we are just not going to tolerate this nonsense.”

Source: foxnews

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