Orange County Community Unites to Aid Teen After Shocking Tragedy

Orange County Community Unites to Aid Teen After Shocking Tragedy

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A 15-year-old girl is receiving support from her community after witnessing her mother’s tragic death in a suspected murder-suicide incident that occurred in Orange County last month.

Orainis Rangel and her mother Leinys Gonzalez, 37, had recently come to the United States from Venezuela, just six months before Gonzalez’s life was tragically taken by a man she had met. The man, identified by the police as Yeans Cardenas Cuesta, 34, ended up shooting and killing Rangel’s mother in a fit of anger on July 30.

Rangel was present in their home when the incident occurred and has since been grappling with the trauma of what she witnessed. She expressed her emotional distress, saying, “I can feel it in my chest,” speaking in Spanish.

In response to a report of a domestic disturbance at a residence in Orange County, deputies from the Orange County Police Department arrived at the scene. There, they discovered the lifeless bodies of Gonzalez and Cuesta, both having succumbed to gunshot wounds.

Following the tragic event, Rangel’s grandmother, Ziomara Erigoyen, was granted custody of her. She described the situation as an ongoing “nightmare.”

The Orange County community has rallied to support the grieving family. Ayala Avroya, a compassionate individual, has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for the girl who had only recently arrived in the country with her mother from Venezuela. Avroya shared her emotional response, stating, “I was crying, just thinking about what this child has gone through.”

Avroya emphasized that nobody should have to endure such a distressing experience and emphasized the urgency of aiding the girl who is now facing overwhelming challenges.

Despite the profound tragedy, both Rangel and her grandmother are striving to maintain their resilience. Erigoyen highlighted her determination to stay strong, acknowledging the impact her demeanor has on Rangel’s well-being.

For those interested in contributing, Avroya’s GoFundMe page can be accessed by clicking here.

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