Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Busts Street Car Club's Reckless Display

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Busts Street Car Club’s Reckless Display

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office says that seven people, including four minors, were arrested for trying to take over an intersection for street car clubs.

PBSO said it had heard that street car clubs were going to take over an intersection on Friday near Jupiter Farms and Indiantown Road.

PBSO kept an eye on the crossroads and did something when the car club took over.

PBSO says that there were 18 people watching and that seven cars had to be moved. One car is on hold for 30 days, and six are on hold for 5 days.

William Penenori, who was 18, Leo Torres Montillano, who was 26, and Jeremiah Lherisson, who was 19, were all taken as adults. No names were given for the kids.

The charges were running and evading, criminal mischief over $1,000, and racing on a highway.

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