Police Apprehend 2 Teens Following Westshore Plaza Mall Shooting Incident

Police Apprehend 2 Teens Following Westshore Plaza Mall Shooting Incident

In reference to a shooting that happened at the Westshore Plaza Mall on Wednesday afternoon, police have detained two teens.

Tarivus Clemons and Armontae Wilson, both 16 years old, were taken into custody by the Tampa Police Department, according to their statement, for allegedly shooting at a car during a drug deal in the parking garage.

About 2:40 p.m., TPD received a report of gunfire heard in the mall parking lot. A short while later, an individual at another area claimed to be the victim of a gunshot.

The victim showed up at the garage to meet Clemons and Wilson, according to what the police discovered throughout their investigation. Next, the suspects moved to the victim’s side of the car, the front passenger side, and attempted to “rob him of his marijuana.”

Wilson and Clemons fired multiple shots into the car when the driver started to drive off, according to the police, hitting the passenger twice.

After leaving the scene, the victims made a stop at a nearby house and dialed 911. When police came, they discovered the shot victim. He was brought to a nearby hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.

There were no injuries to the driver.

Police added that after generating leads, they named Wilson and Clemons as suspects. Clemons was located at his West Trilby Avenue house in a matter of hours. He was apprehended without any problems.

Wilson was apprehended by police shortly before 10 p.m. after they discovered him at his Ohio Avenue residence. Investigators also found the two weapons that were used in the crime.

Numerous charges, such as armed robbery, shooting into a moving vehicle, and aggravated battery—great bodily harm or deadly weapon—are brought against the two youths.

While they look into how the two got their hands on the guns, the police indicated that their investigation is still ongoing.