Police Say a Woman Drives a Rolls-royce Through a Backyard in Palm Beach and Into the Beach.

Police Say a Woman Drives a Rolls-royce Through a Backyard in Palm Beach and Into the Beach.

Friday night, a 66-year-old woman in Palm Beach drove her Rolls-Royce vehicle through a backyard and through a seawall before stopping on the beach, according to Palm Beach Police.

A statement from the homeowner says that along the way, she broke a statue that was worth about $3 million.

Police added that Palm Beach Fire Rescue took the driver out of the car and checked his or her health. The motorist lived in the town. Officers stated the woman said she had no idea what happened in the hours before the crash. Police claimed it didn’t look like the woman was drunk. St. Mary’s Medical Center is where she was brought.

Friday around 6 p.m., the car drove into the property from the driveway on Canterbury Lane and went east. This was caught on video. She then went east and hit the curb on the north side of the driveway. The car then stopped, turned around, and went east again, where it hit the sculpture, the report added.

Police say the motorist then hit a garden fence, then a seawall, and finally the ocean. At its ultimate resting place, the report says, the car was hanging from a seawall that was 5 feet high, with the front of the car touching the beach and the back sitting on top of the seawall.

One of the things that was damaged was a coral sculpture that the homeowner stated was worth about $3 million. The car was hauled away from the property. Police said there were no more casualties.

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